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We Are Passionate About Event Photography!

When we cover events for businesses, churches, community organizations, social groups, or families in and around the New Orleans area we do our best to blend in and capture people in their natural state as the event unfolds. Yes, we will take the group and table shots also, but what really moves us are strong candid photos that tell the story about your event. After viewing our photos many people comment that they feel like they are still at the event. And with exceptionally fast turnaround times your company, department, team, group, club, or family can relive your event through our photos within days rather than weeks or months.

We Are Passionate About On-Site Print Photography!

When we show up to an event we bring studio lights, backdrops, state of the art photo gear, and a top notch professional staff. In fact, most of our clients are surprised that we setup a full studio on the premises of the event venue as if we were shooting a private client. We do this to provide the absolute best on site printing photography experience because we know that that the photos we print will last and be displayed for many years. Speaking of printing…It's an integral part of our service. Therefore, you won't find us showing up with an off the shelf ink jet printer. Our photo teams only use professional lab quality photo printers, which give us the ability to print 100-year, dry to the touch photos at a speeds of a print every 8-10 seconds. Our equipment, process, and techniques are designed to provide small and large groups with prints within seconds of their photograph being taken.

We Love Photographing People Under GOOD Light.

No blurry or discolored photos here! We are experienced photographers and we take pride in our work. Because we photograph people and print on site, rest assured Front Row Event Photography is professional and experienced. Nearly ten years experience has taught us how to work with all types of people and how to best photograph them. When we show up, you will have a professional photographer from of the team who is experienced in getting the best expressions from your guests that will last a lifetime.  Contact Us Today!

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Green Screen Photo Booth and Event Photography Green Screen Photo Booth and Event Photography with Chroma Key Backgrounds

Photo booths are a fun activity for all types of celebrations and events. They let friends, family members and colleagues interact with each other in innovative ways and the results provide both great memories and lots of smiles. Though some events only need a simple background for the photo booth pictures, there are some situations where you want to be able to include a custom background that provides a completely different feel. That’s where green screen photo booth technology comes in. Front Row’s New Orleans Photo Booth can provide you with a state-of-the-art chroma key photo booth that allows you to take photos against a solid green backdrop and then remove the green from the picture and replace it with any image you like. Want your guests to appear against a starry sky? No problem. Want it to look as though your party was held in front of the Eifel Tower? We can do that! Whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s a custom background or one of the views that we’ve already created, we can give you the look you want.

Green Screen Photography in New OrleansGreen Screen setup for onsite printing in New OrleansGuest pose for a Green Screen image to be printed

New Orleans Green Screen Photo Booth: Use Any Image as a Background

Our chroma key technology means that you can choose any kind of background that you want for your photo booth photos. Sometimes that’s an easy choice – maybe you are using the booth for a corporate event in New Orleans and you want your background to be the city skyline – we can do that and so much more. If you have an idea we can make it happen, and if you’re looking for background ideas for photo booth fun we can help with that too! We’ve put together casino nights with backgrounds that look like the inside of a fancy Las Vegas Casino, travel-themed events with photos of exotic locales in the background, and even fanciful ideas for kids parties and weddings. Have a sports theme of ? We can give you a Superdome or Wrigley field background. Doing a kids party with a super hero theme? We can make your guests look like they’re flying through the air. The sky is the limit in terms of what chroma key photo booth backgrounds allow you to do, and when you’re working with Front Row Event Photography you have the added advantage of working with real photographers who can help you with getting your scene set up and taking your photos too. It’s our job to make your event a success, so don’t hesitate to ask for whatever you need.

Every Front Row Green Screen rental includes full set-up of our state-of-the-art green screen photo booth, photographers to help you with your event, and unlimited high resolution photographs for your guests to take home as souvenirs! Contact us today for information about how we can make your next event an even bigger success.

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Corporate Party Photo Booth in New Orleans Corporate Party Photo booth in New Orleans


They say that the two happiest days of a Lexus owner’s life are the days that they buy their car and the days they trade their car for a newer Lexus.


If that’s the case, then Lexus of New Orleans must make a lot of people happy! Being one of premier dealers of new and used Lexus in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, these folks are the dictionary definition of friendly and professional! That’s why we were so happy when they called us to run a corporate booth at their employee Christmas party held at the Chicory in Downtown New Orleans. It’s not enough for Front Row Photo Booth to be voted one of New Orleans best photo booth service. We love being recognized by our business community as the go-to place to spice up any corporate event with friendly, fast, and reliable service.

Corporate Photo Booth for a Car DealershipLexus Christmas Party Corporate Photo Booth photo stripCorporate Photo Booth for Lexus of New Orleans Christmas Party at the Chicory in Downtown New Orleans Louisiana


One of our attendants, Steve, ran this event flawlessly! Guests love him for his cheerful demeanor. Seriously, he can make even the grumpiest Grinch smile, which is exactly the thing you want for a photo booth attendant!


Our corporate partners love Front Row Photo Booth for a bunch of reasons.

•We’re quick

•The booth’s produce amazing image quality

•We can incorporate your brand logo into the photo strip designs

•The pictures can be sent directly to your phone through SMS

•Encourage your attendees to upload to their social media using a custom hashtag and watch your event trend, and your social media followers grow!


Our Christmas-themed photo booth props were a hit! People loved getting even more into the spirit with miniature Christmas trees and ornament headbands, along with reindeer and snowman props. And we love watching people gravitate towards our booth and their faces light up with all the creative possibilities. That’s the best part of a photo booth. Watching people have fun! Either way, Lexus of New Orleans had the right idea to help break up the winter doldrums at their event. All of their employees loved the booth along with the live band, dancing, food and drinks.  


Ok, so maybe the best day in a Lexus owner’s life would be getting a new Lexus under their Christmas tree! That would be a December to Remember!

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High School Prom Photo Booth Prom Photo Booth


Everyone gets to be the prom King and Queen with a fun and exciting photo booth from the New Orleans Photo Booth by Front Row Photography. All those attending the prom or after prom party will have a chance to capture a memory of the night like never before.

New Orleans Senior Prom Photo BoothHahnville Senior Prom Photo Booth 2018 High School Seniors enjoying the Photo Booth for their Senior Prom in New Orleans


Whether it's a Prom or After Prom Party, we are eager and excited to offer our photo booth rental services for anything Prom related in New Orleans, and all other surrounding Louisiana high schools.


 It will be non-stop action at the photo booth as Prom attendee's gather with friends, put on crazy props and pose for fun photos together. You will receive copies of every photo taken that can be used for school videos, scrapbooks, yearbooks etc.


 Our photo booths are professionally designed and completely self contained with no outside components cluttering the area or creating safety hazards.


 The photo strips are printed with a professional lab printer that in turn provides fast and high quality printing. Students will love the quick and easy printing and convenience. All in attendance will enjoy the photo booths easy to navigate touch screen monitor and custom software that was designed to be user friendly and eye catching.

Senior Prom Photo Booth Photo StripHahnville Senior Prom Photo Strip


 Our Photo Booth will be the perfect addition to add even more excitement and involvement to any prom or post prom event.

 Don't delay! Call or Text us now at 504-957-6729 for a no obligation price quote! 

We at Front Row Photo Booth of New Orleans would like to thank you for visiting today and we are looking helping make this year's prom event even better than the last.

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Digital Photo Booths at Corporate Events for Social Media Marketing Digital Photo Booth Images tell stories.

And living in a society captivated by the likes of Instagram, Snapchat and memes, it’s no wonder that photo booths have seen a resurgence in recent years.

But leveraging this visual trend goes beyond fuelling your customer’s selfie appetites. If done right, it’s a powerful marketing tool that will increase brand awareness, engagement, your bottom line and more.

Photo booth technology has rapidly changed over the past few years. No longer do you need to a lug around a bulky box and limit yourself to a few backgrounds. Today’s photo booths are the size of an iPad, come with animated overlays, GIF’s and anytime, anywhere mobility.

Here’s how you can leverage this new technology to make your event a success and boost your ROI.

1. A Powerful Branding Opportunity

Photo booths bring a brand to life.

The photos taken at your event will be shared on social media and seen by people all over the globe. Each view is a potential new customer for your event business or your client.

But digital photo booths go beyond marketing your services. It’s a powerful way to get your brand out there by turning happy snappers into brand ambassadors by placing your logo onto the images.

Not only will the attendees associate the brand with the fun memory, but as the pictures are shared on social media, you’ll gain free brand awareness.

2. Social Awareness Leads to Sales

90% of customers are more likely to buy a product if it has been recommended to them by someone they follow online.

With digital content playing such an important part of the consumer buying process, getting into people’s feeds without a hard sell is paramount.

A digital photo booth is one of the best ways to do this.

Creating these memorable photos paves the way for a deeper connection with your target audience. In exchange for a share-worthy image, you get an authentic spot in their newsfeeds that no amount of Facebook ads can buy.

By having your business associated with someone they know, you’ve already started to create a more personal connection. A connection that you can’t get through banner ads or sponsored stories.

The more people like, re-tweet and share the image from your event, the greater your chances of turning someone into a future client. Whether they already need your services or will in the future, the positive and personal connection will keep your brand in front of your competition.

3. Digital Photo Booths Increase Event Engagement

Are your event attendees bored, uninspired and trying to hold back yawns?

It’s every event manager’s worst nightmare, but it’s unfortunately quite common. If you want people to attend your next event and get the most out of the one they are at, you need to keep them mentally engaged.


With a photo booth. It’s a fun space where attendees can get creative, take a break from the information overload and even walk away with a new profile picture.

But apart from the increased social media engagement and coverage; photo booths have another effect that will make your event a success.

It’s an excellent networking opportunity.

Event planners that want to get their attendees mingling will find that digital photo booths create a positive interaction. As guests wait for their chance to strike a pose, they can meet new people. While striking up a conversation with a stranger is usually daunting, conversations flow more smoothly when participating in a shared experience.

Plus your guests will be having so much fun that they won’t even be thinking about when they can leave.

Bonus: If you want to boost lead generation at your event, make it an option to include an email address before use. Or if you want to find out what makes your audience tick, get users to answer a question or two before or after they take a photo.

4. Make Your Event Standout

Digital Photo booths don’t just have to be about silly pictures. With some creativity, you can spin this visual marketing tool to make your event stand out.

It’s also a souvenir of the event that won’t land up in the trash or a pile of business cards never looked at again.

You’ll stand out from your competitors and create a memorable experience that will lead to more business for you and your clients.

5. Give Your Guests an Incentive

With all the brand exposure you’re creating, you need to make it actionable.

One of the best ways to get some ROI out of your photo booth is to include a discount or coupon with it. A QR code or a discount code is a great way to keep your brand on people’s minds after the event has ended.

Even better, run a competition on social media. Give away a prize for the most creative, crazy or funny picture. It will get your guests to think outside of the box and even more incentive to jump on the event hashtag.

Whatever you decide, it’s sure to drum up sales, get more eyeballs onto your site and deepen that first interaction with your brand.

Make Your Brand Memorable

With the amount of information we are bombarded with on a daily basis, quality should always trump quantity. Use a digital photo booth to make your brand experience stand out and get noticed by your ideal customers.

A photo is more compelling than a business card and a marketing bag of tricks that will have people talking about your brand for longer than 30 seconds.

Ready to unlock that achievement? Try our Digital Photo Booth now and turn your next event into a success.

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Photo Booth rental for Bar or Bat Mitzvah Bar or Bat Mitzvah Photo Booth


Any celebration is just incomplete without some picture-perfect moments to capture. Photo booths are gaining massive popularity worldwide, as they are really helpful in not just making good memories but preserving them forever too. Special occasions like birthday celebrations or bar or bat mitzvahs are celebrated with great pomp and show these days around the world. To add more glitz and glitter to the celebration, hiring a photo booth rental for a bar or bat mitzvah is a great way to engage and entertain. This blog post brings you the ways in which you can have a blast at your child’s bar or bat mitzvah with a photo booth rental.

Customized Touch

A bar or bat mitzvah is an occasion to make your child feel special every moment. This instills a sense of confidence in your child, which is important during this significant transition in their life. Thus celebrating with a photo booth rental for a bar or bat mitzvah can help your child in developing his or her personality, as it allows you to add a personal touch to your event. For this, we use the child’s name, favorite color and other such things to make him or her feel at the center of everything. In short, we do things just the way you want them to be done.

Zoe's Bat Mitzvah Photo booth_52Zoe's Bat Mitzvah Photo booth_52Friends Celebrate in the New Orleans Photo Booth


Sharing Fun and Excitement

A bar or bat mitzvah is celebrated to say goodbye to childhood and shake hands with adolescence. This occasion certainly calls for a bagful of fun and excitement with friends and family. With a photo booth rental for your child’s bar or bat mitzvah, you can be sure that your child and his or her friends will enjoy the celebration to the fullest. We offer your guests the opportunity to use the pictures to spread the fun on social media. This has a dual benefit: first, your guests at the party feel immensely involved, and second, it makes your event the hottest topic in town.

Follow the Action

Fun and celebration should not remain confined to specific places. You should explore places to choose as a venue for your child’s celebration according to your tastes and convenience. However, we can assure you will have a rocking extravaganza with great pictures when you go for a photo booth rental for your child’s bar or bat mitzvah. We have portable equipment and friendly, professional staff who will be at your service wherever you want.

Entertainment Without Worries

Partying with kids, or a party for kids, can be a difficult thing to pull off, but with proper management and smart service providers you can let your guests dive into the merriment without being stressed at all. With a photo booth rental for your child’s bar or bat mitzvah, your guests are provided with a number of styles and props to choose from for a perfect shot. We have a team of trained professionals who can help your guests during the overall process and help you to capture more lively pictures and modify them according to your wishes. With the option of instant photo printing, you and your guests feel happy and relieved of all worries.

A bar or bat mitzvah is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to celebrate and adding a photo booth rental for your child’s bar or bat mitzvah, this celebration can be really memorable for a lifetime.

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Where to put your Photo Booth location for the most fun in New Orleans A photo booth is only as good as it's location and visibility at an event. Put it in a great spot and you'll have a lot of guest interaction, put it out of sight without any signage telling people where it is and you'll have less photos taken.

New Orleans Wedding venues especially in the French Quarter, are very unique and can provide some very interesting location situations for your photo booth rental placement.

Most of time high traffic areas will be the best location, as long as it's not in the middle of a walkway or exit. The open photo booth does take up more space than the traditional enclosed booth, so make sure to keep that in mind when it comes to selecting a location to place the photo booth in New Orleans. 

Ideally you'd want an area that is:

1. Visible but not blocking a main foot traffic walkway.

2. Near a power outlet. 

3. Spacious enough so that when a line forms it won't impede anything else.

4. Where everyone can see the fun going on in the booth to attract their interest.

5. Not hidden in a corner or behind a wall.

Blue Pearl Veterinary _17Blue Pearl Veterinary Photo Booth in New OrleansNew Orleans Conference Photo Booth at the Downtown New Orleans Hyatt Regency

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Social Media Marketing with a Photo Booth in New Orleans New Orleans Photo Booth for Social Media Marketing


Keeping the social media profiles updated with photos has become a habit in today’s social status, it is needless to say how powerful the photos can be. Each picture tells a story. Therefore, posting only with the picture is trending now. Carried away with the idea, you can utilize this trend for making your event, rather the brand the top most searched one on the web.


Photo Booth is quite the nostalgic idea which people used for taking photos. The old fashioned concept comes in an all new presentation now. It fulfills the purpose of taking photos but adding more fun. The idea of a photo booth now incorporates several exciting tools, mind blowing filters, sensational captures and quick print out, all in a digitalized way. This is the reason people crave a photo booth at any event night or at parties.


You can also opt for this one for the corporate party you are planning to organize. Contact the photo booth rental in New Orleans and hire the service of photo booth for your corporate parties. This can increase your brand value by making it a noticeable one.


The guests who are invited to your party will share their photo booth strips on the social media. The likes, comments and shares will make it popular among the crowd. Remember, the more publicity your event receives for the addition of photo booth, more popular will be your brand name. Your guests’ enjoyment may bring you the desired popularity for your business.

social-media-mirror-faceplateSocial Media Marketing Photo BoothGuest enter their email to receive their photos


Photo Booth Rental New Orleans


Why do you need this style of marketing? It is needless to say that more social media marketing is equal to more followers. Their knowledge about your service or product will increase the sale. While the social media marketing is working in its own way, pictures taken in the photo booth rental in New Orleans will add to the excitement to boost their effort


Engaging events are what the guests always look for. If your event is boring and people are sitting and yawning over in the corners, you can be sure that the event has failed to serve its purpose. A photo booth can be an excellent option to make the event engaging. People would love to pose no matter what. Let them pose in front of the digitized photo booth camera and use it for being in the newsfeed.


In addition to the above mentioned ideas, it will generate personal leads by asking the users to log in with their e-mail id before taking unlimited photos.


Obviously, it would be fun for the guests, but you can use those as a souvenir for the event you organized. The boring business cards which tend to end up being in the trash can now be replaced with branded photos of your business information. Contact Front Row Photo Booth to arrange for the digitized photo booth rental in New Orleans to make the event most successful of bringing you leads.

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Corporate Photo Booth to advertise your Business Advertise your Business with a Corporate Photo Booth

There are various marketing strategies that are sometimes useful and at other times not very effective. However, a corporate photo booth is a great marketing idea that is sure to win the attention of many. Business promotion combined with fun can never go wrong, so promoting your product or service using a corporate photo booth is an excellent idea.

Hiring a photo booth is a stress free job. Photo booth rental services in New Orleans will serve you greatly and you need not worry much about that. All you have to do is call a good photo booth rental in New Orleans, and then get ready for a fun party.

The are several reasons behind the popularity of corporate photo booth rentals are many. You can effectively promote your business with them, as you can add elements of your company product or service, like a logo and color theme to a photo booth. These decorations will be in the photos, and this is a way to get even more exposure for your brand. The photo booth will attract people who pass by and in time, may become your customers. They are likely to be attracted to the décor of the booth, and slowly they will also take interest in the product or service you are selling.

American Library Association Photo booth Image-153American Library Association Photo booth Image-153American Library Association promoted their Get a Library Card Campaign with the Photo Booth in New Orleans at the Morial Convention Center to the theme of The Incredibles new Movie release

Corporate photo booths are rented for various reasons in New Orleans

In fact, they are a rather popular way to add a fun element to any kind of endorsement program, corporate event or exhibition. They engage customers and potential customers in a very positive and entertaining way.

  • The customization process is a great benefit of corporate photo booths. You can ask for a green screen from the rental agency and then add your logo to it. Also, you can add a background that advertises your company name and an image that may suit the theme. You should arrange the background in an eye-catching way, so it impresses the viewers and they become curious about your brand.
  • You can customize the photos with your company logo and date, so whenever the picture is seen in future, it will successfully endorse your brand through the logo in the image. Also, you can put your website address or contact number on the picture so it acts like a natural business card.
  • Along with the photo booth, the photo booth rental agencies in New Orleans can also provide you with accessories like a large photo frame or other props that can be used while taking a photo. You can ask the supplier for customized props that may show your logo or brand name. These props will increase the brand visibility of your business.
  • Creating a website on which to publish the photos taken at a particular event is a great idea, as this way, the people who have taken their photos in the booth will visit the website. You can put your brand logo and details about your business on the website. This will be a long-term process, as the website will continue grabbing people’s attention with the colorful albums of pictures taken in the customized photo booth. You can add a link to this website or photo album on your company blog, and that will draw more users to the photos.
  • The photos taken in the photo booth can be instantly uploaded to the social media profiles of the users. If you add this feature to your photo booth rental, then the photos with your brand name and logo will be seen by thousands of people around the world via the social media platform, and thus your brand will be visible to many.

Get in touch with the best photo booth rental in New Orleans and utilize the full strength of this powerful marketing tool. This highly unique marketing technique never fails and will surely give your brand a bonus boost.

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Questions to ask when renting from a Photo Booth rental Company What To Ask When Renting From A Photo Booth Rental Company



 It is important to ask as many questions as you can when you are considering working with a photo booth rental company in New Orleans. We understand that there are other companies out there other than Front Row Photo Booth and you need to do your research! But before you jump in with just any photo booth rental company, be sure to ask these five important questions!


What kind of quality will my photos be?

We recently learned that there are photo booth rental companies that are using web cams to take your photos. Yes, web cams. We have been using Canon Professional DSLRs and we continually upgrade them to ensure the best quality photos are taken at every event. So before you decide to go with a “less expensive” company, make sure they aren’t slacking in the quality department! Also ask if they can customize the photos to match your theme and colors including any graphics or logos you may want included on the photos.

New Orleans Photo Booth imageNew Orleans Photo Booth Image


Will the backdrop be a plain black background?

This is an important question to ask because maybe you want to add some color to your photos, or you are worried that your guests will blend in with the background. See what options you have, because the backdrop will be in every photo! And in case you were wondering, we offer many different colors and styles at Front Row Photo Booth. You can even ask us about our custom backdrops including solid colors, color sequins, rosettes, or green screen which gives you endless creativity with your backdrops!


Do you offer props? Can I bring my own?

 If a photo booth company says that they don’t offer photo booth props, that might be a red flag. Some rental companies don’t, but that is because they mostly work with corporate events and so it isn’t needed. But if your event is social, such as a wedding, graduation party, or a reunion, chances are you want to incorporate props into your package. Front Row Photo Booth offers props in almost all of our packages—and you can add it on to all of them. We say, “Sure! The more the merrier!” if you ask to bring your own props. We’ll keep it organized on the table for you and separate it at the end of the event so that you can take yours home with you.


Do you offer Social Media Marketing and Sharing?

With todays technology and popularity of Social Media, many of your guests will want to share their time at your event on their own social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snap Chat. We can link our booth to your sites or ours for sharing. 

Social Media SharingSocial Media Sharing

Do you have any references?

 This is really important! You want to make sure that, if you’re spending top-notch money, you are renting from an experienced, quality photo booth rental company. You also want to make sure that the majority of reviewers sing high praises to the company and were satisfied with their services. Of course, every company is going to have those few negative reviews, but if those overtake the positive, than there’s trouble. We at Front Row Photo Booth get a lot of business from word of mouth and we take pride in many of the reviews we have received. You are welcome to check them out over at Google, The Knot, Wedding Wire, Borrowed and Blue, and Facebook


Now that you know what questions to ask, go ahead and contact us or send us an email! We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have!

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For Conventions and Trade Shows, Call Photo Booth Professionals in New Orleans For Conventions and Trade Shows, Call Photo Booth Professionals in New Orleans


The photo booths you have seen in shopping malls or at birthday parties can also be in your conventions and trade shows. If you are a Master of marketing, you can understand the importance of a photo booth at your trade show. To give that extra entertainment to the event, engage or attract more foot traffic, and give the friendly atmosphere to the show, you should hire a photo booth rental in New Orleans. This fun addition to your event also helps spread your brand message. With it, people will be drawn to your display and engage with you about your product or service.

Canal Barge Photo Booth Company Conference PartyCanal Barge Guests enjoy the New Orleans Photo Booth Rental at the Drury Inn during the conference


Why a photo booth? You have likely seen your competitors distributing t-shirts, pens or other products as a branding technique, but the t-shirts fade and people tend to lose the pens. However, people generally keep photos as a memory. Photo booth rental services in New Orleans allow users to take photo strips or postcards home that can be pinned on the refrigerator or displayed elsewhere for quite a long time.

You can also collect users’ email addresses for further marketing. Photo booth rental services in New Orleans allow users to send their photo as an email, and thus you can collect the email addresses. The photos users send via mail come with a customized message. Since you are providing this booth for free, there is no ill effect for collecting the email addresses for your own use. With those email addresses, you can send newsletters, information about a new product launch, discounts, etc. Of course, you should use a professional emailing service and allow users to unsubscribe whenever they wish.

An individual attending your trade show will be only interested if they have related concerns. Front Row Photo Booth, a photo booth rental in New Orleans, allows users to post their photos on Facebook or other social media sites. They have friends of similar interests, and then posted photos will drive others toward your event or to your brand.

Strategy of Using a Photo Booth for Marketing

Photo booths already implement advantages of creating photos. If you find users who are already using your products, make a slideshow photo strip video of them that will help increase your brand credibility.

How to make the most of the photo booth is also a strategy, make people think of it as a fun activity, but use it as a marketing skill. You already know well how to take advantage of the environment and how to use it for the benefit of your company. Let Front Row Photo Booth help achieve that for you.  Call or Text at 504-957-6729 or email at

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Photo Booth Renters Guide New Orleans Photo Booth Renters Guide

At many events, I may come in contact with one or two people who ask a lot about our business and about photo booths in general and honestly, it’s one of my favorite questions to answer. There’s a lot of information about photo booths and the photo booth market in general that can still be misunderstood.

First, you may be asking how and why photo booths are becoming so popular, particularly in the New Orleans wedding and entertainment industry. Photo booths, at the foundation of what they provide, are a nostalgic phenomenon that invokes a child-like feeling. People staggering out of a photo booth smiling and laughing while holding their printed photo strips makes everyone else want to join in on the fun! Even if the future of photo booths isn’t set in stone, they’re a great way to make memories that last a life time.

In general, three main factors when selecting a photo booth are customization, portability, and the build and support of the booth. You want to be able to have the freedom and creativity to have exactly what you want for your photo booth rental, so you should be looking for a company that can work with you on what you want and is flexible in any packages that they might offer. You also want to have a photo booth that is portable and doesn’t take a long time to load in or set up. Delivery, load-in, set-up, and break down should be close to flawless. Finally, you want a set-up that is sleek yet sturdy should your attendant not be present while the photo booth is in service. If anyone else who hasn’t been trained to set-up and operate the booth has to do so, you want to have a seamless setup so as to not have it malfunction, collapse, or be rendered useless because no one knew how to operate it.

Other factors that you may want to look into are style of photo booth, pricing of any packages and extra add-on features, styles of cameras and printers, etc. There are mainly two styles of photo booths—enclosed and open air. Enclosed is the more traditional style, like what you would see in movie theaters and malls. An open air booth is a modern take on the classic photo booth. It’s usually smaller in build and allows for more people to take a picture. (At Front Row, we can fit between 15-20 guests in the open air photo booth).

High School Teachers and Parents smiling in the New Orleans Photo BoothChristmas Party Photo BoothHoly Cross High School Faculty and Staff pose in the New Orleans Photo Booth during the schools annual Christmas Luncheon Fundraiser.


As far as pricing is concerned, the national average for photo booth rentals is anywhere around $550-$800. But according to TheKnot, most brides seem to be spending $800-$1200 for a wedding photo booth rental. Brides may also want to look into what types and methods of payment companies use. There are also different types of cameras and printers that companies use such as a DSLR camera or a point-and-shoot camera and a dye-sub printer compared to an inkjet printer.


There’s a lot of information when it comes to renting photo booths, some that you may not even considered important to think about. If you have any questions we didn't answer here, please don't hesitate to call, text or email us at (504) 957-6729



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New Orleans Special Event Photography

New Orleans Special Event Photography

Extraordinary New Orleans special event photography doesn’t happen by accident. It requires top talent, the proper equipment and a plan for every program. According to our Director of Photography a tremendous amount of support is necessary to make sure our photographers are prepared and ready to perform at their high levels for each event. A great event is all about the planning. The more details collected in advance, the more capable we are of delivering products and services surpassing our client’s wishes.


Celebrity appearances aren’t rare in New Orleans, but they are a once in a lifetime experiences for most visitors. This makes our work crucial as we send our city’s guests away with memories to last a lifetime. Whether it’s a sitting head of state, Wall Street CEO or a world champion, we come prepared, with studio lights, professional equipment and an experienced eye. This is a typically occurrence for our special event photographers. Most noteworthy, a client was concerned I might get starry eyed or flustered with a celebrity I was going to be photographing. Evidently she didn’t know I had taken pictures of Famous Musicians, NBA and NFL players on several occasions.

2014 NBA All Star Party in New OrleansNBA Commisioner Adam Silver and NBA New Orleans Pelicans Owner Rita Benson LeBlanc NBA Commisioner Adam Silver and NFL New Orleans Saints Owner Rita Benson LeBlanc at the 2014 NBA All Star party.

Experience and Knowledge

Experience matters in candid photography. Our photographers have years of special event photography experience. We have learned what to expect next at an awards presentation, cocktail reception, or conference. Because there is no guess work and it shows in our work. High quality photographs every time. That’s the Front Row way. In today’s world an event almost doesn’t happen if the memory isn’t shared immediately. As a result we established a way to brand and deliver candid photographs digitally, as quickly as the photos are taken. No other New Orleans Special Event Photography company has shown this ability. There is nothing like breaking the ice during a pre-function event, or capturing the instant when people come together and relationships are born. Those are the special moments of my week.

2014 NBA All Star PartyNFL New Orleans Saint General Manager Mickey Loomis and NBA Legend Karl MaloneNFL New Orleans Saint General Manager Mickey Loomis and NBA Legend Karl Malone talk during the 2014 NBA All Star Party in New Orleans

Front Row Photo is one of the few New Orleans photography companies who regularly print photos as they are taken with a branded template. How important is the branded template? When your Corporation brings 5,000 of their best customers to New Orleans, you don’t want those 5,000 people to leave with memories of New Orleans. Therefore you want them to go home with memories of your Corporation in New Orleans. Front Row Photo makes this happen the same for 100 people or thousands. In fact, we regularly print as many as 1,000 photos in multiple stations in a matter of hours. No other company has the same equipment and rather competent staff to accomplish this.

“We don’t just take a quick picture. We take great care to pose each and every individual or group.”

]]> (Front Row Photo Booth) event photography new orleans new orleans photography special event photographer Fri, 09 Feb 2018 12:24:59 GMT
Christmas Holidays one Photo Booth at a time New Orleans Christmas Holidays Photo Booth

We are in full Holiday swing at Front Row Photo Booth! Everyone is out of their Thanksgiving mode, hanging Christmas lights and on to planning and hosting Christmas holiday parties! Our busiest weekends were December 2-10th and we were able to service 4 events on Saturday alone. WOW!


With weddings, holiday parties, and Photos with Santa, December is definitely a great month to reserve a photo booth in New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner, Mandeville, Houma and Baton Rouge! We love seeing all of the great photo albums from the past weekend and getting a glimpse of how much fun you guys have posing for great pics with friends and colleagues and posting on social media. We’ve seen so many awesome ugly holiday sweaters, fun company parties and even some festive weddings that have us super excited about this holiday season!


Our Team has been hard at work making sure to keep an eye for excellence so that we deliver the best photo booth experience possible!! In addition, our outstanding team of photo booth attendants always go above and beyond, working hard to make sure that every guests leaves with awesome memories!


Since we are coming close to the end of the year, we’ve been able to reflect on our accomplishments and improvements to Front Row Photo Booth. 2018 is going to be even better for us and we look forward to providing more top notch entertainment with our new booths. We hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year!!! 

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New Years Eve Photo Booth in New Orleans  

Ring in the New Year with a Photo Booth.


Start the year off right with a New Year's Eve Photo Booth in New Orleans and let us capture the moments.


New Year’s Eve in New Orleans is always a night to remember so why not add to the entertainment with a photo booth. We can help you put on the best New Year’s Eve party yet, a definite night to remember. Your guests will love that you had the idea of renting a photo booth.

New Years Eve Photo Booth KissNew Years KissRing in the New Year in New Orleans with a Photo Booth Kiss


Your New Year’s Eve party will take on a new life with our Photo Booth. Capture the fun New Year’s Celebration with photos your guests will create once their creative juices start flowing. We have the props to make your pictures one of a kind. And will customize the photos with you logo or party information on each one. Think about the blast your guests will have capturing the images of the night with instant printed photos and social media sharing.


Photo strips for everyone

Your friends will get to take home their very own photo strips of the party. Our amazing and professional staff will take care of all details, setup and operation. You can rest assured we won’t be late to the party.


Email, call or text to get a jump on the New Year and order your Front Row Photo Booth today! (504) 957-6729



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Rent a photo booth Congratulations on your upcoming event! Let’s look at why you should book or rent a photo booth.

For most people planning an event, be it a wedding, a party, or a corporate function, enormous amounts of time, money, and work are put into planning that “picture perfect” event. So much emphasis is put into having the perfect setting, the good food, the prettiest decorations, the best colors, the right entertainment, etc…but usually the most over looked piece of a great event is ignored. What is it…? The guests of course! When you book or rent a photo booth for your wedding or event, it will bring your guests into the entertainment.

It’s the people who make all events great.

It’s important to create a great vibe and to get the guests to be themselves. And this can be done with a photo booth! By incorporating a photo booth rental in your event, there’s this nostalgia and mystique that gets people excited and to smile.

#wearehc2017-s_37Photo Booth Rental in New OrleansPhoto Booth Fun at a High School Dance in New Orleans

Photo booths are the perfect ice breaker

When you rent an affordable photo booth, it is an easy way to ignite a fun, creative and entertaining mood to any event. It brings endless entertainment and is a creative way to break the ice, bring people together (especially the ones that don’t tend to mingle), and encourages them to be excited and fun behind the curtain. Remember the old time booths? How funny was it to see grandma and grandpa make out in oversize glasses in a photo booth or watching tons of folks trying to squeeze inside a photo booth? The one thing you saw in EVERY photo booth crowd were SMILES!

Photo booths brings years of memories

This is a simple way to make your guests a part of the occasion by having them create a unique guest book and collection of photos. The best thing about having a photo booth for an event is the sentimental guest book you get to keep, or for our commercial folks, the brand-awareness woven into fun keepsakes. Instead of a book filled with boring autographs and standard “best wishes” or “congratulations” comments, it’s filled with candid pictures of guests holding photo booth props and heart-felt messages. It’s something that couples can put on their coffee table and look at for years to come. Businesses can use booth images to create social media excitement, and help folks spread the word of how great your products and services are. Our booths even allow guests to post directly to popular social media sites right inside the booth during the event! Imagine the excitement you can share!

Photo strips are a great party favor

One past photo booth guest said “I would much rather take a photo strip than a favor from a wedding”. For your guests, they get to take home a piece of the party instead of a set of boring salt and pepper shakers or centerpiece. For corporate events, folks are tired of the same old coffee mugs, T-shirts, and other boring giveaways. Photo strips however are items they not only keep, but will share with others!

#finallysokunbi wedding photo boothWedding Photo Booth Rental in New OrleansPhoto Booth Fun at a Wedding in New Orleans


Don’t take our word for it! Here are a few links to what the entertainment and event industry is saying about photo booth rentals…

“There is no question that the photo booth experience is one that guests are sure to enjoy and make a wedding event memorable. The photo strips are a wonderful keepsake for the guests and newlyweds alike.”  – via Southern Bride and Groom

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Photo Booth Marketing for Charity Fundraising Events 4 Benefits of Photo Booth Marketing for Charity Fundraising Events


There’s no denying that the photo booth has become a staple at events for its exceptional entertainment factor. However, there are a range of benefits that come along with it aside from your guests having fun while making silly faces. Photo booth marketing shouldn’t be discounted as a solution when it comes to event promotion. With the level of technology increasing, photo booths can deliver great experiences, both for the attendees and the organizers. In light of this, a photo booth is a great addition to any event, and especially makes a great fit for charity fundraising events.


How a Photo Booth Benefits Charity Fundraiser Events in New Orleans

1. Puts your brand at the forefront

The advantage of opting for a social media photo booth at charity fundraising events is the branding power that comes with it. Most modern photo booths can now be customized to reflect a brand’s look and feel by adding logos to every photo, whether as standalones, or on borders. The kiosk itself can also be wrapped in a custom skin to further amplify a brand, making it a great selling feature when scouting out sponsors for charity events.

Breast Cancer AwarenessBreast Cancer Awareness Photo Booth stripBreast Cancer Awareness Photo Booth in New Orleans at Mardi Gras World for East Jefferson Hospital


2. Generates revenue with sellable ad space

Event hosts can capitalize on the real estate value of the photo booth as well. Social media photo booths can be leveraged to sell ad space to sponsors to have their logo displayed either on photos, the kiosk, or both! This ensures you cover the costs for the photo booth, or even earn more money to go towards your donation or charity.


3. Amps up the social media exposure for your event and event sponsors

One of the biggest reasons sponsors for charity events get involved is the exposure their businesses stand to gain. Photo booth marketing makes this easy as it allows attendees to instantly share their branded photographs on social media.  With photographs being shared to your guests personal social media accounts, your sponsors, whose logos are gracing every photo, benefit from organic exposure and brand awareness. In addition to this, attendees sharing photos to social media also act as brand advocates, a huge plus for those sponsoring charity fundraising events!


To give guests more incentive to post their photos online, consider adding in a social media page automatic upload

Each time guests Tweet, or post a photo to Instagram or Facebook with the event-specific hashtag, their photo will be displayed on your page. This is another great way to encourage participation, leverage user-generated content, and give your charity event a boost on social media. Remember, social media is a great way to reach out to your audience, and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

4. Collects important data on event attendees

One of the prime benefits of photo booth marketing is attaining valuable data on attendees during the event. When sharing photos to social media, attendees are usually required to input their name and email address in a collection form. With this information on hand, staying connected with attendees long after the event is much simpler, and gives you the opportunity to further your relationship with them. This information, of course, is also very valuable to sponsors for charity events—adding more of a reason for them to get involved!


When it comes to charity fundraising events, photo booth marketing is a great solution for attracting, not only attendees, but sponsors as well! While there are many photo booth companies out there, consider booking one which offers you all of the benefits stated above. If you’d like to learn more about what Front Row has to offer, give us a call or text message at (504) 957-6729, or contact us online!


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High School Reunion Photo Booth New Orleans High School Reunion Photo Booth


This past weekend had a unique theme –  multiple class high school reunions in one night with Front Row photobooth. We had the honor of celebrating Redemptorist High School & Redeemer High School All Ram Reunion from all classes at Jefferson’s Southport Music Hall. We reenacted high school yearbook photos in the photobooth, Recreated some prom photos and even tried to fit the whole class in one shot… we got close. The night was filled with music from the 60's, 70's and the 80's as well as some of the new hits for their dancing entertainment. Even their own Prop Sign saying You can take the girl out of the Irish Channel, but you cant take the Channel out of the Girl was a big hit! Front Row is the best option for New Orleans photo booth rental if you want an event to remember.

Class Photo in New Orleans Open Photo BoothRedemptorist Rams Photo Booth Class Photo at Southport Music HallRedemptorist Rams High School Reunion fit one of their class photos in the Open Photo Booth in New Orleans Southport Music Hall

We can’t thank the planners of both the school and the Music Hall enough for including us in such a fun celebration. If you have a class reunion coming up and looking for a great keepsake or way to entertain your classmates, an open photobooth is always a great choice. We are happy to provide an outstanding photo booth service to the New Orleans area and beyond.


Contact us today to see how we can make your next event one to remember.

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Grand Opening and Product Launch marketing with a Photo Booth in New Orleans Product and Grand Opening Marketing with a Photo Booth

When launching a new product, brand, or opening a new location in New Orleans, a photo booth could be the most complete marketing strategy. This custom photo booth marketing technique covers all aspects of marketing at an event. Our photo booth concept is sleek and stylish, attracting attendees and bystanders. Our services are always fully staffed with a photo booth attendant whom can assume the role of your Brand Ambassador. Our attendant can wear your company's logo and act as a member of your overall team and become familiar with your brands activation explanatory points. The attendant can engage the audience and invite them to the photobooth experience, offer the guests the options of the various props and explain the different products they will receive from the activation (print outs & social media sharing, etc). This will entice the guests to have fun at the photo booth and take their photos. Once the photo session is complete the guests will be presented with their printed photos with your custom logo, which will serve them as a memory keepsake for years to come, and then they will be invited to share their photo on social media. During this process they can share their photo directly onto their social media channels or opt to receive their photos through SMS/TEXT or EMAIL. Either way the process takes seconds to print and nearly instantly they will receive their photos digitally to their mobile devices. The database of phone numbers and email address is made available to you for future engagement with this audience.  This is a proven process that takes their photos and puts those photos to work towards a great social media buzz about YOUR BRAND! At the end you've impressed the guests, given them a great photo memory take away, engaged them in social media, and they talk about your brand/product to their endless social networks! #SUCCESS!




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Photo Booth for Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing

Engagement marketing. Social media marketing. Event marketing. In a world where people share virtually every moment of their lives, they’re all vital pieces of the marketing mix, delivering unique ways to physically reach potential customers, create an emotional connection, and provide opportunities for social sharing.

It may surprise you, but these all existed before the internet, smartphones, and social media took over our lives. Brands and marketers interacted with people at New Orleans events, but the impact was mainly limited to those who physically attended. Brands would cross their fingers hoping that their event made a lasting impression. And guests might have received a printed photo to take home and put on their fridge, but simply put there wasn’t much of a way to share and measure the experience beyond word-of-mouth. Not until the astronomical explosion of smartphones and social sharing did experiential marketing reach a completely new level.

Mobile Social Media SharingSocial Media Sharing on Mobile Phone

Today, social sharing is at the heart of nearly everything we do. Even as we sit here typing these words, we know we’ll post this blog and share it on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter, with the hope that readers like you will share with your network. In fact, without you, we’re nothing. We don’t exist as a company or brand. You are no longer passive receivers of marketing messages. You are the creators. Because of this, companies can strengthen their brand in unprecedented ways. Event Magazine reports that “social media amplification alone can provide a 365-day global opportunity for brands beyond their events.”

The new sharing economy has taken control from brands and put it directly in the hands of consumers. Snapchat stories are created. Instagram photos are uploaded. Facebook posts are shared. But brands have zero input and few means to effectively capture leads. The rise of digital photo booths is changing that though. Event marketers and retailers are taking people’s love for selfies and utilizing selfie booths - digital, iPad-based versions of old school photo booths. According to a recent New York Times article,these booths and rooms seem to be the latest way to engage customers and build a brand.” 

Touch to StartGuest setup for the Digital Photo Booth

By using photo booth platforms, brands, agencies, businesses, and retailers are able to create a fun, social, and shareable experience for guests, while controlling the medium and the message. Photos and GIFs can be overlaid with a logo and can even include a unique hashtag when shared. As a result, permanent online galleries are created that bring guests back and strengthen connections with the brand. And when data capture is enabled, users see average opt-in rates of 89%. There’s no other lead capture strategy that even comes close. 

Guests love using New Orleans photo booths to take great pictures and experience something different - not just another selfie. It’s also an experience that people remember and, in the case of businesses and retailers, customers return again and again to take more photos.

While digital photo booths are just beginning to rise in popularity, the next evolution is already here. Augmented reality has embedded itself in the top social networks and virtual reality is on the cusp of exploding. It won’t be long before Snapchat and Instagram face filters make their way into our digital photo booths, providing another unique branding opportunity and fun feature for guests.

Of course, if you’d like for that to happen, then you’ll need to help us get there by sharing this all of your social networks.

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Destrehan Plantation Mule Barn Wedding Photo Booth | (504) 957-6729 Destrehan Plantation Wedding


We had the honor of setting up the New Orleans photo booth rental at the Destrehan Plantation Mule Barn for the wedding entertainment of Heather and Todd's Rustic Wedding theme. The setting was completed with the old mule wagon to hold the gifts from their guests and rustic lanterns to light the entrance. The Top Cats Band kept everyone on the dance floor for the wedding entertainment. The in house Catering and Bar staff were friendly and kept us energized to keep up with the wedding guests non-stop fun in the photo booth. We especially loved the front ramp entrance for ease of loading the photo booth into the Wedding Venue. We met Heather and Todd at a previous wedding they attended earlier in the year, and Heather said she just had to have us at her wedding. Her family and friends had a great time and made for a fun and exciting night for everyone.

Here is a slideshow from the night

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Ormond Plantation Wedding Photo Booth | (504) 957-6729 Wedding at Ormond Plantation

Congratulations to Ben and Lauren!

We had so much fun with our photo booth set up for their wedding day - Lauren's Dad was a blast to work with, and I loved getting to know the bride and groom (and all their crazy friends!)  Held at the beautiful Ormond Plantation wedding venue in Destrehan Louisiana, everything about this wedding was so beautiful - from the lanterns down the aisle to the gorgeous Spanish moss-laden trees outside of where the ceremony was held and the DJ music selection was a hit all night and ended with a jazz themed second line as everyone exited.  Even the weather was perfect!


Here is a slideshow of the gallery of the photo booth strips

]]> (Front Row Photo Booth) destrehan dj louisiana ormond plantation photo booth wedding wedding reception wedding venue Fri, 22 Sep 2017 11:09:52 GMT
Kenner Wedding Photo Booth | (504) 957-6729 Jennifer and Adam,

Congratulations, your wedding reception at the Victorian Hall in Kenner was beautiful and have both been a delight to work with from the very start. Even though you did all of your wedding planning, decorating and catering yourself, you could never tell it wasn't a Professional Wedding Planning that did it for you. Your attention to detail on decorations, DJ music selection, gifts for the guests, and catering choices were perfect. Thank you for allowing us to provide the photo booth for your special day! We hope the photos captured in the photo booth reflects how much fun your guests had sharing your wedding day with you and your families.




- We guarantee your guests will have one of their most entertaining experiences - the proof is in the print

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Why Photo Booths are such a hit at weddings Photo Booth Entertainment at Weddings

When it comes to providing wedding entertainment at any type of event, it seems as though we’ve seen a number of different fads come and go over the years – especially for New Orleans weddings. However, one particular trend that has managed to stay afloat is the oh-so-fun and popular photo booth. Today, it seems as though you can’t even go to a wedding reception without seeing a booth and let’s face it, if there isn’t one, you’re kind of disappointed. New Orleans Wedding Entertainment Photo BoothWedding Photo Booth

So what is it that makes the photo booth so entertaining? Well for one thing, they’re extremely fun! Just think about it for a second; who doesn’t get excited over the prospect of climbing into a photo booth and letting loose for a little bit? Some may claim that they have no interest in having their picture taken, but a few verses of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” and an undisclosed number of mixed drinks later and they’ll soon be the first ones in line for the camera! Plus when you factor in all of the great props and those booths that are equipped with our advanced green screen technology, it’s a no brainer!

Not only will your guests have a fantastic time, but they’ll also be left with a classic photo booth strip of their photos to take home with them. This is a very simple, maintenance-free wedding favor, and can be paired with a variety of beautiful and fun picture frames or magnets if you choose to place a few on each table throughout the reception area. You can even add a message asking guests to take one copy of the photos home with their new frame and to leave the other copy in a guest book for you to get a kick out of later!

Between the laughter coming from behind the curtain of the photo booth and the stories that you get to relive through these multi image photographs, your New Orleans photo booth will leave absolutely every guest with priceless memories of your special day! Call us today for more information on how you can reserve a photo booth rental for your wedding!

]]> (Front Row Photo Booth) new orleans photo booth photo booth photo booth rental wedding entertainment wedding reception Fri, 15 Sep 2017 12:11:09 GMT
Halloween Party Photo Booth Reserve our Photo booth for your Halloween Party


Halloween, that time of year when everyone can live the fantasy. It doesn’t matter if you are wanting to be the villain or the hero, the ballerina or the skeleton, it’s just a time when you can turn loose and have fun. Make it your own personal Comic Con with all of your friends and co-workers. Front Row Photo booth has been the Halloween party photo booth of choice for more Halloween parties than any other photobooth company in New Orleans, Metairie and Kenner because they make it unique and over the top fun. We make sure every party gets their own signature design for their photo strip and capture the most awesome memories for everyone to take home. We can even have the photo booth set up so it will create secret contest and winners for random guests. And more importantly the background can be customized to match your parties colors and theme. So lets make your Halloween photo booth a crime scene, a graveyard or a web covered haunted mansion. Imagine your guest dressed as Betty Boop inside a zombie infested room. Oh.... the horror!


Halloween Party Photo Booth stripHalloween Photo BoothFreddy Kruger and Leather Face square off in the photo booth during a Halloween party in Kenner Louisiana

Call today to see why parties from Baton Rouge to New Orleans needing a photo booth select Front Row Photo booth. Dates book fast so call or text today and get yours reserved at 504-957-6729  or email us at

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Top New Trends in Photo Booths for Weddings and Parties Wedding and party guests love discovering a photo booth at a celebration, since this creates such wonderful opportunities for fun and guest interaction, plus fabulous photos from your event. Photo booths themselves have been around for a long time, but as with most things in the entertaining world, they have evolved into far more festive appearances, and innovations in technology have also given them new life.

Guests enjoy the New Orleans photo booth at a wedding#theDINAstyGuests enjoy the New Orleans photo booth at a wedding

Here are the top new trends in photo booths for weddings and parties:

  • New Orleans photo booth rental companies have stocked up on new photo booths, many of which can be color-coordinated to your event via LED lights tuned to your wedding colors or party color-scheme. A decorated photo booth creates a coordinated focal point in your ballroom, and dials up the impression factor in your party space.
  • Larger photo booths are in style now, enabling more than just two people to gather together, with their photo booth props, for fun group photos. You’ll find 5’x5’ and 8’x8’ photo booths plentiful at photo booth rental companies, and you may find larger enclosed photo booths for even more space.
  • One photo booth trend we love is the open air photo booth, which may be a photo booth structure with no walls, in front of which guests pose against a backdrop…or it may be an entire separate room at your New Orleans event venue that has been styled with couches, tables, chairs, and décor, allowing you to personalize your photo booth scene, perhaps matching it to your wedding theme or party theme.
  • Photo booth backdrops may be solid colors, shiny sequin, colorful rosettes or other settings that suits your theme.
  • Green screen backdrops for photo booths allow your photo booth rental company to create a custom backdrop for your photos, like a party on Bourbon street, a Mardi Gras float tossing beads, or rolling on a Steamboat down the mighty Mississippi adding a hi-tech element that dials up guests’ photo booth excitement, and creating fabulous keepsake photos.
  • In the world of photo booth props, many New Orleans photo booth rental companies come prepared with a wide range of props, from oversized sunglasses to hats to masks, feather boas, oversized moustaches and other trendy photo booth props. And you can also supply more of your own, selecting from the many photo booth props at Etsy, craft stores and your own belongings.
  • A top trend in photo booth rentals is the hand-held message board, which may be a chalkboard or white board on which your guests can write their own chosen messages. ‘Thought bubble’ signs may be pre-printed with messaging for guests to hold above their heads as they strike a creative or funny pose.
  • Video GIF photo booths allow guests to capture themselves in movement, perhaps dancing or singing, and of course photo booth kiss shots capture the moment. Some photo booths are equipped to create slow-motion video as well.
  • Social media marketing photo booths allow your guests to step to the social media sharing kiosk, view their photo booth pictures, and share instantly to their choice of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and also email their photos to themselves or to friends.
  • Instead of only thin 2"x6" photo strips you’ve seen in photo booths at weddings and parties, now you have the option of larger 4"x6" or 5”x7” print photos printed right at the photo booth in a matter of seconds.
  • You can arrange for your photo booth company to show a slideshow of your photo booth photos in your ballroom for guests to enjoy during the dinner or dancing hours.

Photo booths are a trend that’s sure to stick around for your Baton Rouge and New Orleans wedding or party, adding even more fun and personalization, as well as theme-enhancing, to your celebration.

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School Dance Photo Booth Senior Prom and School Dance Photo Booth


A collection of the passions of youth, awkward memories, nostalgia, randomly placed disco balls, weirdly themed pictures, and at least some form of dancing. It doesn't take a historian to know the basics of how the most iconic night of American youth has changed over the decades, and love it or hate it, it remains a milestone in many a teen's coming of age. Now, we could take a 'if it ain't broke – don't fix it' approach to this timeless tradition, but honestly, what can be done TODAY to make prom even more fun and memorable?


Unfortunately, most schools don't have an answer for todays teens when a loud, peer pressure filled, club like atmosphere doesn't appeal. And these schools pay for it with lack of attendance. What about the introvert who would prefer lurking around the punch table over asking a girl to dance? Or those who would simply prefer not to dance? I present to you, for your party planning pleasure, the New Orleans Photo Booth rental. 


An Open Air Photo Booth


New Orleans Photo Booth rental for a High School Senior Ring DanceHoly Cross Senior Ring Dance Photo stripHoly Cross Seniors and their dates enjoy the New Orleans Photo Booth for their Ring Dance at the New Orleans Lakefront Airport


As a growing trend at proms, open photo booths are a smart party investment. Teens love taking group photos, lots of photos, and silly photos. Unfortunately, those aren't options with the typical prom photographer, though I would recommend you continue to get the professional, themed, and beautifully awkward prom photos to frame and keep for all time. Open photo booths, however, do offer the group dynamic, the silliness, the props, and the spontaneity teens love.

With easy to use touch screens that allow you to preview what you look like in LIVE VIEW, photo booths are a dream come true for the selfie generation. When you throw in some hilarious props (DARTH VADER anyone?), the students' creativity, and unlimited sessions for everyone, you've got a recipe for prom success and a ton of great pictures to remember your day by.

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The Growing Trend of New Orleans Photo Booth Rentals New Orleans Photo Booth Rentals


Photo booth rentals in New Orleans have become the modern trend which everyone is using. The people in the Big Easy make sure to install a photo booth no matter what the occasion, be it a wedding reception, social event or a birthday party, a photo booth is a must have.


You might be wondering why people are so fascinated with the photo booths. There are countless reasons why a Photo Booth Rental in New Orleans is gaining such popularity.


Photo Booth adds to the Fun Factor


The wedding or birthday parties come down to the dance and drinking which seem like clichés. Now, when people get tired of dancing they can easily take a break and gather inside the photo booth for some added crazy fun. This is the place where you can socialize without having to be conscious about whether your steps are right or you are spilling a drink on your dress. Put on some oversize glasses with a Top Hat and make that crazy face you tell your kids to stop doing.


Mementos of the Event


Well, go to any party or ceremony you would come back with mints and other forgettable party favors. However, when you have a photo strip of you and other guests that you would at least display on the refrigerator, it keeps the memory of the event going. This is the reason why people in New Orleans rent photo booths for their parties.


New Orleans Photo Booth strip Sweet 16Hannahs Sweet 16Sweet 16 Photo Booth in New Orleans


A Unique Concept for Everyone to enjoy


Photo booths are unique concepts which people adore and admire. Those who plan wedding receptions might put this aside as cliché. But, the elderly guests or those who don’t attend weddings all that much would be delighted to have a break from the traditional dance and drinking party. This would give them a chance to do something unique. And is also a great way of capturing the moment.


Theme Photo Booth


Like parties, the photo booths can be customized as well. A wedding planner in New Orleans can help with ideas about how to decorate the photo booth background and photo strip to match your colors and theme. This is a great area to invest money in your wedding reception.


If you are looking for a photo booth rental company in New Orleans, you can search online for specific details of the companies that offer this service.

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Consider these tips before renting a Photo Booth in New Orleans Renting a Photo Booth in New Orleans

New Orleans is a booming city. People here work hard and party harder. Whether it's a celebration of some kind or a corporate party, one way or another people are always ready to roll. Because the party mood in the Crescent City never ends, it becomes a little difficult for the event organizers to add something new to each party. Maybe that is the reason New Orleans is the first city to accept any new concept. Photo booth rental is one of the concepts which has been accepted with open arms. However, if you are going for a Photo Booth Rental in New Orleans, here are some tip to consider:

Begin with the Cocktail Hour

Oh, yeah, it is important because the fun usually starts with the cocktail hour. At the cocktail hour, people explore their curiosity and begin their search for something different to experience. If you start the photo booth late, people’s attention might drift from the photo booth to the dance floor. The idea is to help them experience maximum entertainment while they are still in party mode .

Keep it Close

The placement of the photo booth is important. The event organizers should make sure to place the photo booth close to the spot where the action is taking place. This way people would just step in the photo booth for a group photo instead of walking down the hall and take the second left...

Schedule your time in the Photo Booth

Bride and Groom in the New Orleans Photo BoothHeather and Todd Bride and Groom get their moment in the Photo booth at their wedding in the Mule Barn at Destrehan Plantation

It might sound strange but, many bride and groom forget to get inside the booth because of the hectic wedding ceremony schedule. To avoid missing the fun, you may have to plan for your coordinator to  escort you to the booth. You may have it scheduled in with your photographer to have them take photos of you in the booth. This way you would not forget to make a visit to the photo booth rental.

Pick up the Right Photo Album

Photo booth memory albumPhoto booth Memory Album tablePhoto booth memory album with the optional photo frames at a Sweet 16 party in Metairie Louisiana

Well, people might argue on this, but, buying a simple black album for your wedding photo booth strips would be a great idea. The photo strips along with glittery gel pens for comment would add both style and art to the album.

Customize the Photo Strips

Those, who are planning to add photo strips to the wedding album, can customize them to match your wedding decorations and bridal colors. You can also add special messages, quotes or hash tags to make the album a little more memorable.

Tailor the Photos

New Orleans black and white photo booth imagephoto booth black and white photoBlack and white option for the wedding photo booth in New Orleans

Yes, the photographers in New Orleans would encourage you to do this and make a stunning wedding album. Color photos are a fantastic addition to a wedding album. But, black and white have its own appeal and you need to explore all of the options that are available. For a retro touch which is both elegant and romantic, opt for black and white photos. We can have the photo booth setup for your guests to be able to select which one they prefer also.

Take it to Another Level

You see, the idea is to do something unique. Instead of going for the normal 2" x 6" photo strips, you can opt for 4” x 6” photo frames. This would look great in the wedding album and your friends and family may frame and display it.

Arrange for a Projector

Usually, the photo booth rentals create a CD of the wedding photos and hand it over to the bride and groom. For extra fun effect, you can arrange for a projector where you can show the photos like a movie for the benefit of the guest. During the reception, this would add a sense of fun and encourage other guests to join in.

Create Duplicates

It is a great idea to send out with thank you notes to the guests later on. Some may have lost their copies during the night  and you can make the notes special by adding their photo taken in the wedding booth with the note. It would surely make your guests happy and to remember the fun time they had.

Choose with Care

In a city like New Orleans, you have several photo booth rentals. However, this wide variety of choices would not make your selection easy. If anything, you are going to be confused. To make the right choice, you must ask the companies to send you samples of photos their booth would produce. Also, you must ask for the photo of the booth which would be placed at the ceremony. It is the best way to make the right decision.

Go Easy with the Props

New Orleans photo booth propsPhoto booth prop table Photo booth props at a wedding in New Orleans

Yes, some people do tend to go overboard with the props. It might lead to thousands of useless photo strips. Instead, go light and allow the real personalities of your guests to come out.

Because photo booth rentals are popular among party organizers, it is important to book early. This is a great way to add a special feature to the party that you are throwing.

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Rent a photo booth and make your event special Since your friends and family have their own busy lives, it’s a rare pleasure for them to attend a party or social gathering together. To provide entertainment and to capture the moment, photo booths have become a hit at events, whether it's a wedding, a sweet sixteen or a family or high school reunion. Maybe it’s the selfie generation, maybe it’s nostalgia, or it’s the chance to be goofy in front of a camera. In any case, photo booths can do what a roaming photographer can’t, capture the memories and even share them instantly!

The Growing Popularity of Photo Booths

Photo booths have become common at several different types of events. In New Orleans, photo booths are rented for weddings, birthdays, reunions, and even corporate events. Selfies are one thing, but a photo booth rental offers a professional photography studio in any venue, with a mixture of technology, art, and a dash of comedy.

Big Easy Braves photo boothBig Easy Braves Championship Photo boothBig Easy baseball Photo booth strip for the Louisiana Championship

Photo Booth Tech

Today’s photo booth rentals are not the old mall variety. Now photo booths are equipped with state-of-the-art cameras and features high-definition photos under perfectly lighting that can be snapped, printed and instantaneously shared to your social media profile.


Photo booth props can add to the fun and excitement in the booth. Imagine wearing a cowboy hat and oversized Elvis glasses while the one next to you is wearing a Top hat and a Boa with Sponge Bob glasses. Now where else can you wear that and get away without people giving you the crazy looks?

Renting a Photo Booth

Our Photo booth rental will setup the booth, customize the photos, and make sure it takes great images every time. You can have your company logo, date, event name or themed border added to every photo. Make your event a hit that no one will forget! Rent a photo booth!


Call or text us at 504-957-6729 for any event in New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner, the Northshore or Baton Rouge areas.

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Why couples include a photo booth on their wedding Gone are the days of disposable cameras handed to your guests. 

Once upon a time, not so long ago, Brides and Grooms relied on cheap disposable cameras to capture pictures of their guests enjoying their wedding reception. They would then collect them and have them sent off to be developed, and wait eagerly to pick them up, only to find poorly lit photos, strange posing and a few censored ones as well!


Then our phones starting taking pictures and we used them to record some of the fun! But the problem with cell phone pictures is they often get lost, are poor quality or are stored on the phones of many different guests, making it almost impossible to find them all and keep them together as a special keepsake. 

Out with the old, in with the new!

Cue the photobooth! A photo booths is a brilliant way to remember all the wonderful people you cared enough about to invite them to your wedding. It captures them dressed up beautifully for the occasion, and very importantly it provides a fun way to keep them entertained at your reception! (because we've all been to a few boring wedding receptions in our time!)


The New Orleans Photo Booth is open and the guests can see themselves on the screen, which means there are no “how do I look” faces! As a result means you will get plenty of hilarious photos as well. 

Fun for all ages

Kids of all ages are entertained by taking pictures of themselves and dressing up in our props. 

That being said, grandparents generally find this photo booth hire to be the funniest thing they have ever seen and the laughs generated from the booth are just the best!

  Alyssa's Sweet 16 party photo booth in Metairie LouisianaAlyssa's Sweet 16 photo booth hireGrandparents enjoying the New Orleans photo booth at their granddaughters Sweet 16 party in Metairie


The New Orleans Photo Booth prints out the photos instantly, guests keep a copy and paste one in the guestbook that we provide (for you to have a laugh at later) This is great because it can double as your guest book and its something your guests will actually enjoy. This is why couples include a photo booth in their wedding.


The prints can be customized completely to suit your wedding theme and colors. 

Professional quality images

Every single photo taken with professional a DSLR camera and professional lighting and is provided to you in a high resolution file at the end of the night. Which means all your memories can be kept together, The files are a high enough resolution that you can blow them up and decorate your home with them - if you wanted to of course.


We are located in Metairie Louisiana and will cover all areas in and around New Orleans including Kenner, Covington, Mandeville, Madisonville and the Baton Rouge areas.  Call or text at 504-957-6729 or email at



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Photo Booth Entertainment for Weddings It seems like every time a fun new trend hits weddings, someone is already declaring it a fad. The photo booth rental is one of those trends that has not only remained one of the most in demand services, but has also evolved into a wedding mainstay; it’s gone from a fun novelty to a common necessity at most weddings. What makes photo booths so much fun not only at weddings, but any event? Here are a few reasons that have photo booths spark your event with fun:


Photo Booths are a good source of entertainment.

Having a few activities besides dancing at your reception is a good way to make sure all your guests have fun. Sometimes people just want a break from busting a move, and the photo booth provides a different escape. It’s also a good place for people to gather and socialize.

It creates a wedding keepsake — for you and your guests.

Forget the monogrammed wrapped candy, or the other things that end up in your guest’s junk drawers at home; a lot of guests will appreciate having a photo strip of themselves with their friends, their kids, or their date. These photos end up proudly displayed on refrigerators and book shelves of homes all across the America. But these wedding favors also reward you as well! You will love having fun pictures of your wedding guests. Many photo booth companies in New Orleans also offer an optional scrapbook where guests can leave best wishes along with a copy of their photo. If you think of it like a modern guest book as well, a photo booth can fit into any budget as it provides entertainment, wedding favors, and a fun guestbook!

Wedding photo booth strip#theDINAsty2017_96Family members in the open air photo booth during a wedding at New Orleans City Park Arbor Room

It is fun for your guests.

Your guests don’t spend hours looking online for wedding inspiration. While your maid of honor might think photo booths have become a wedding novelty, that’s probably because she’s got wedding planning fatigue. But your guests who don’t attend many weddings will find the photo booth rental totally exciting and fun.

Every photo booth event is customized to your theme.

The scene at every wedding is so different, including everything from the time of day and the venue to the playlist the DJ is playing. That means every photo booth will be different too. From the backdrop selection to the custom designed photo strips and props, these elements can be customized to fit your theme and really be an amazing addition to the look and feel of your special day.
With the entertainment value, memorable photo strips and theme design, photo booth rentals are one of the best areas to invest your wedding budget. If you are looking for the best value for a photo booth in Metairie, Kenner, Covington, Mandeville and Madisonville areas, you have come to the right place. We are proud to be one of South Louisiana's preferred Wedding Vendors for Photo Booths!

Visit our Package information page or you can call and text us at 504-957-6729 or email at

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Planning a Rustic or Vintage Wedding Theme The 5 Elements of planning a Rustic or Vintage Wedding Theme


The Southern Louisiana area is seasoned with many rustic and vintage style venues. With the area’s many historic buildings and Plantation homes, it is no wonder the rustic and vintage theme is so popular.

There are six primary elements that make up a wedding theme. They are wedding location, your wedding stationary, your wedding dress, the wedding flowers, the wedding venue décor, and finally the wedding cake.

Everything else easily fits around these elements. For example, the DJ, your food choices, and the photo booth entertainment can all work nicely within any theme framework. You can even expand your theme to things like using vintage cars or trucks as bridal party transportation, and it looks particularly stunning in your wedding photos.


The location of your wedding

The first, and probably most important thing to consider when planning a rustic wedding, is the location. An outdoor setting is clearly the easiest way to really get that rustic feel, such as a national park with lots of tall trees, a barn, or a restored historic building such as a mill or farm. The idea is to incorporate nature, vintage architecture and rustic buildings into your special day. A rustic or vintage wedding is also a way of mixing old and new. There are several locations in Metairie, Kenner, Mandeville, Madisonville, Destrehan and Ormond.


The wedding invitations & save the date cards

The rustic or vintage wedding Invitations and save the date cards that you choose really set the initial tone for your wedding. They give your guests an idea of what your theme will be. Be sure to choose something with a little bit of a rustic or vintage feel, but make certain to add your own touch to them to make them truly your own. Lace, burlap, country craft and chalked text can all add to your design.

Rustic Wedding InvitationsRustic Wedding Invitations


The wedding flowers

Vintage or rustic themed wedding flowers are one of the other most important wedding decorations, especially for this style of theme. They are easy to incorporate into everything from the rustic wedding bouquet to the vintage wedding table centerpieces. On popular idea is using burlap & lace to wrap the stems as opposed to traditional ribbon. And, along with the flowers, use lots of herbs and plants, such as rosemary, mint, moss, or wheat. Dried flowers and plants are also a great option. 

Rustic Wedding FlowersRustic Wedding FlowersFloral arrangement in a Rustic Wedding Barn


The wedding decor

Rustic and vintage wedding decorations not only are economical and earth friendly, but they’re beautiful! You can really get into some fun rustic DIY projects using items even from your own backyard, such as twigs and tree trunk slices. Some other rustic decoration ideas are with the use of cotton, wheat, burlap, twine, dried flowers, pinecones, hay, fruit, country vegetables, and old vintage items like mason jars, washboards, chalkboards, window frames and shutters, old doors, and things such as antique typewriters, old bicycles and wagons, and old crates. Visit a flea market or antique gallery for inspiration. Posting on craigslist or Facebook groups often results in an abundance of folks offering to sell vintage items cheaply. 


The wedding cake

A rustic or vintage wedding cake tops is all off! Everybody loves something sweet, and the best thing about a rustic wedding cake is that you can capture the theme easily. Many rustic wedding cakes use a simple white buttercream frosting, surround it with things from nature, and then rest it on top of a rustic wedding cake stand made out of wood or a tree trunk slab. Vintage themes could have the cake resting atop of old hardback novels, or an attractive antique cake platter that can be found in nearly any flea market or antique gallery. 

Rustic Wedding CakeRustic Wedding CakeRustic Country Wedding Cake


Additional ideas to spark the vintage wedding theme…


  • Request that your guests dress in theme – vintage fashions are available in nearly every part of the country. It can be a fun way for guests to be even more a part of the big day.
  • Set the mood with vintage inspired music. If you are hosting your reception at an 1850’s farm house, then talk to your DJ about music selections from that era.
  • If you are having a photo booth at your wedding, have the photos set for black and white or sepia. This will give a strong vintage feel to the photo strips! Guests will love it!
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Capture your Sweet 16 with a Photo Booth in New Orleans Turning sixteen is a “sweet” occasion. Planning a sweet sixteen party is fun. Of course, you want your sixteenth birthday party to be memorable. Of course, you want your party to be the best among all your friends’. So how do you exactly do that?

Arranging such a grand event is never easy. Everything just has to be perfect, from the venue to the lights, from the dress to the cake; the best way to deal with such situation is to create a checklist in advance.

The planning stage:

The date is important

The most important thing while planning any party is the date. Check out the calendar and plan the party on a weekend. You don’t want your guests to miss the fun just to do something as lame as to work or study! Even if the party is planned a couple days after your actual birthday, it’s not that big a deal – but having an empty venue will definitely dampen the mood!

Who is in, who is out

Make sure to create a checklist of all your closest friends and family that you want in your birthday party. Plan one month in advance, and request an RSVP so you’ll know who all will be free on that particular date.

The venue

Once you have created the guest list, you will know whether to go for a big party hall or a more intimate venue. Check the availability of your choice venues in Metairie, Kenner and New Orleans on the date of the party.

Make it memorable

Since your sixteenth birthday is so special, create a special invitation for your guests. Since you want the party to be a grand success, planning every detail carefully is very important. Get friends and family involved in the planning so you can reminisce about the whole process!

To theme or not to theme?

Theme based parties can be awkward or they can be twice the fun. Themed décor, music, lighting, food, even dress code can add another level to your party. Will it be a classic debutante ball or a relaxed Hawaiian luau? If you are unable to come up with the right theme, you can check out popular theme based parties in New Orleans, to get your gears turning.

Photo booth Sweet 16 birthday partyAlyssa's Sweet 16 in the Photo Booth with friendsAlyssa celebrated her Sweet 16 birthday party held at Lafreniere Park in Metairie Louisiana with her family and friends in the Front Row Photo Booth

The food section

Aside from the birthday guy or gal, food is the main attraction in any party. You can check out the catering service with the booked venue or you can check out the good restaurants in the area. Before booking from any place, try out their food all by yourself, don’t just go by reviews and recommendations.

What’s a party without entertainment?

Don’t leave any stone unturned! Make your sixteenth birthday party one of the best parties in Louisiana. Hire a DJ for some superb dance music. Make your party a little different from the others. Rent a photo booth to capture cherished moments with your guests. Your sixteenth birthday will come only once. Capture it to share sweet memories later on!

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Marketing your event with a Photo Booth Marketing your event with a Photo Booth


Marketing events, no matter how large or small, have a limited reach. You can only reach so many people in a limited amount of time, i.e. people physically attending the event. You might have some people check out your company through advertising leading up to the event, but the whole point of marketing is to reach as many people as possible. So how do you continue to reach people even after the event is over? Often times word of mouth is what companies rely on. But then again, many of these events are not your own. Many times, these are events that your company is sponsoring as a marketing opportunity. So how do you get maximum marketing? What if you could offer something to attendees that would reach outside of the event to hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people?


When people attend any sort of event, it is almost guaranteed that they will take and/or want photos to commemorate their attendance. People love take-home goodies to remember the event by, even if it's not entirely exciting. Why? Because it's usually free, and it's a reminder of the break they enjoyed from their normal routine. So how do we combine these two things and reach out beyond the event attendance without putting too much of a dent in your marketing budget? Here are 3 ways to expand your marketing reach via photo booths at your events.


1. Branded Photo Booth Prints


People love taking fun photos to commemorate an event in a photo booth. Photo booths have been around for nearly a century, and they aren't going away anytime soon. The only issue is that each photo often costs $5 or more for a poor quality print! But what if your company offered a photo booth free to your guests, featuring unlimited prints with your company's branding? Attendees will have a blast commemorating the event with photos of themselves with friends and family. More often than not, they will put these photos in their office or home to show off their fun memories, or they will post a photo of the prints on social media. As passersby or their social media followers look at these photos, they will also see your company's branding! Way to be a source of fun memories.



2. Photo Booth Background Promotion


On top of this, the general background of the photos can have your branding printed on them. So not only would your branding be on the print, it would also be on the background of all the photos!



3. Branded Shared Photos


We offer sharing stations with our photo booth set up. These allows guests to send their photos to their e-mail or share on Facebook or Twitter instantly. We are set up so that if you have a specific hashtag for your company, it will automatically add it into the Twitter post. If you choose, the posted photo can also have your company branding at the bottom of the photo.


So, say you have an event of only 100 people and they all have approximately 300-500 followers/friends on social media. If they all shared a photo on social media, that would result in an outside reach of 30,000-50,000 people. And that's not including the branded photos they display in their home or office. People are likely to give a company or organization their business if they are fun and relatable. And what's more fun than a photo booth with free prints?


Photo Marketing is a low cost way to get business leads without being intrusive. Call or Text Front Row Photo Booth today and see how we can help you increase your leads.  (504) 957-6729

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New Orleans Saints Hall of Fame Induction Auction Front Row Photo Booth at The New Orleans Saints Practice Facility


Recently the New Orleans Saints invited the Front Row Photo Booth in Metairie to their training facility for the Who Dat Fans during the 2017 Hall of Fame Class Induction Auction including Linebacker Jonathan Vilma and Offensive Lineman Carl Nicks. both Vilma and Nicks were both leaders on the 2009 Team that went on to win Super Bowl XLIV in Miami over the Indianapolis Colts 31 - 17.

Jonathan Vilma was chosen by the New York Jets in the first round of the 2004 NFL Draft out of the University of Miami and played for the Jets for four seasons, then was traded to the Saints during the 2008 off-season. During his six seasons with the Saints, Vilma was sometimes referred to as the Drew Brees of the defense.

Carl Nicks was drafted by the Saints in the 5th round of the 2008 NFL Draft. With the Talent to go 1st or 2nd round, the Saints were lucky to have him on the board. Nicks became a starter as a Rookie and 2 time Pro Bowl selection and an All Pro first team during his time in New Orleans. He left as a free agent in 2011 and played 2 seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before retiring.

Both Jonathan and Carl returned to the facility for the first time since leaving the organization. Fans, Players and Coaches were on hand in Metairie for the ceremony. Nicks wore a 3 piece suit and Vilma his brand new Saints Hall of Fame polo shirt. The official Induction Ceremony will take place October 28th at Champions Square next to the Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans before the Saints Game against the Chicago Bears. Be sure to stop by and visit our photo booth in New Orleans for the festivities.

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Spread the Holiday Cheer with a Photo Booth at your Office Christmas Party Holiday's with a Photo Booth at your Office Christmas Party


While it still may seem pretty early, now is the time that you’ll want to be thinking about making bookings and reservations for your company’s corporate holiday party. Every year it seems as though it’s a tossup of how many employees will actually attend the Christmas party, but why is this? Well, loosening the tie and relaxing around people that you work with or for can be a little bit intimidating. That’s why it is extremely important for company owners to step up their game and come up with creative ways to help party guests break the ice and to keep them entertained.


Holy Cross Christmas Luncheon Photo Booth Holy Cross Christmas Luncheon '16Guest enjoyed their time in the Photo Booth by Front Row for Holy Cross High School Christmas Luncheon held at the Roosevelt Hotel in Downtown New Orleans


Photo Booth rental is a great way to do just that. Think about it for a second; while entertainment such as music and Chinese auctions are great, they can be a bit boring; everyone just sort of ends up sitting around, swaying awkwardly to the sounds of a tribute band and trying to come up with something non work-related to talk about. The holiday season is a time where you want to be having fun and enjoying time with friends and trust us when we tell you that there is no greater fun than sharing a few laughs with friends as you act out different scenarios in a photo booth. That’s where you see the true personalities of your co-workers come out!


Keeping with the holiday cheer, booking us for your holiday party this season gets you more than just your typical photo booth. We’ll come fully equipped with all of the Santa Claus, Christmas themed props that you need to get you and your employees feeling jolly! By the time the New Year comes around, the office will still be buzzing about how much fun they had at the event. Plus, as your employees begin getting to know each other more and enjoying each other’s company, the happier they will be to come into work each day! That being said, how could you not rent a photo booth for your office Christmas party? Call or email us today!

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Green Screen Event Photo Booth Green Screen Photo Booth

What is a Green Screen Photo Booth?

A Green screen Photo Booth utilizes (you guessed it) a green screen, special lighting and photography equipment and specialized computer software.

A person or group of people stand in front of the screen and have their picture taken. This image is then processed by the special software which replaces the green background with another image. The person or group is then “magically’ transported anywhere you desire.

The background can be absolutely any image. Imagine the person or group standing on the moon, on a beach, in the old west, the possibilities are endless. Green screen photography can also be used to place a person’s face on a magazine or book cover.  Green screen photography is perfect for theme parties, corporate events, school events and Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. Any time you want to give your event guests memorable souvenir photos.

Green screen photography is frequently done to achieve a lot of the special effects seen in movies and on television. Green screen photography can be complicated, as you must use the right equipment and lighting. If done correctly thought the results are fantastic and very entertaining.


To find out more about how green screen photography can add entertainment to your event contact Front Row Photo Booth today at 504-957-6729!

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How to get the most out of your Photo Booth Rental To get the most out of the experience, remember that a photo booth is a part of the entertainment. These tips will help you make the booth as entertaining as possible, and therefore, get your guests to take more pictures!


1. Use our props! Even if your event is an elegant, black tie affair, you simply must use props in your photo booth. Your guests will have so much more fun using silly hats, glasses and boas. Props also encourage people to use the booth more than once per evening. If you want to get people to come back over and over, the props are the best way to do it. Here's a tip if you still think your event is too fancy for props: Hide the props until the last hour of the photo booth rental. This will give everyone a chance to have nice pictures taken in their tuxedos and evening gowns, then they'll be back for more when you take out the props.


2. Put it close to the action. Don't stick your photo booth in the foyer if you don't have to. Fun is contagious, why not put it with the rest of the party? One of the best locations is across from the dance floor if you're also having a DJ. Just remember, if the period of time you have rented the booth is shorter than the party, they will have to set it up and/or break it down in full view of your guests. Make sure the set up and break down times don't conflict with scheduled events, such as speech or toast time.


3. Use the photo strips as the party favors. We will put custom text on the photo strips for you, which will make them a fabulous memento that will never be thrown away. This should also save you a few bucks and help you pay for the photo booth rental. Let's say you have a hundred guests, and you want to give each of them a small token of appreciation. At $5 each, your cost for those party favors is $500! Why not put that money into your photo booth budget.

#theDINAsty2017#theDINAsty2017 Wedding Photo BoothNew Orleans Wedding Photo Booth Strip from Lanre and Jessica's Wedding at the City Park Arbor Room












4. Make a memory book. We can provide a book, or you may do it yourself. We will automatically provide double prints so your guests keep a copy, and another copy can be put in the memory book. Provide some pens and have your guests sign in next to their photos. Another fun thing to do is to buy stickers that look like speech bubbles. People can put silly comments in the speech bubbles. The bottom line is, people can be quite creative. The more creative options you give them, the more they will come back to use the booth.


5. Make custom cutouts to pose with. This can be a really simple way to personalize your photo booth experience. For a wedding, send 8x10 headshot pictures to be printed at WalMart, or Kinkos, or wherever you print your photos. Make sure the heads fill up the entire frame. People will pose with the bride and groom all night! For other events, simple sayings on signs such as "BFF" or "OMG" will have your guests in stitches.


For more information about a New Orleans Photo Booth rental, send us an email to find out about our current specials.

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New Photo Booth Trends Photo booths have been a popular addition to any party or event for quite a while now. With all this popularity, many wonder what industry leaders are going to do to keep this idea fresh and modern. Has the classic photo booth had its day? With the fun experience combined with the memorability of classic photo booth prints and their digital counterparts, I can say with confidence that they won't be going anywhere anytime soon. But, while some people like to stick with tried and true simplicity, others search for the bigger, better things. So what are some upgrades and trends to the beautiful simplistic photo booth?


1. GIF Booth


GIF booths add a bit of spice to the typical photo booth. They capture several photos and then loop them together in a hilariously entertaining video clip. In essence, it’s a virtual flipbook. So not only do participants receive a print of their photos (if you choose to do so), but they will be able to access a GIF of themselves to share with all of their friends and family. I mean, who doesn’t want a GIF of themselves?



2. Glam Booth


Glam booths spice up the photo booth experience with a beauty filter that hides all imperfections and makes you look better than a Super Model! These instantly perfect images help you get in touch with your inner Vogue model.



3. Selfie Stand


Selfie Stands are unmanned and easy to use. Wrapped in your custom design, Selfie Stands can be placed anywhere with power and wifi. The tablet inside of the stand will give the participant a choice to take a photo or create a boomerang. Then, they can upload their photo or boomerang straight to social media or e-mail it to themselves. There is no elaborate set up and no pressure--just a simple Selfie Stand that adds fun to any event!


4. Green Screen


Green Screen in a Photo Booth can put you in any scene you can think of. How about on the tower with King Kong, running from a T-Rex, or on Bourbon Street catching Mardi Gras Beads! Any digital image can be used as a backdrop and have it appear as if you are there. Its sure to keep the laughs and conversation going well after the event has ended.





If you have any questions about any of our setups or if you have an idea you want to add, please call or email us!

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Top Reasons Why You Need a Photo Booth For Your Wedding Day Entertainment

Your guests will love it. We always have them lined up to get into our booth and when guests come out they are always smiling; so much so they come back again and again! “The photobooth was the highlight of the night and everybody was really pleased with the photographs,” said one of our real brides. “Thank you for helping to make our evening one to remember!”

Suitable for all ages

“I have to say I loved the photo booth and so did the kids!” writes another real bride. “It was amazing, so much fun and it was nice to have something the children and grandparents could join in with. I have the photos in my purse and am always showing them to people. It’s Wonderful! Thanks again!”

New Orleans Front Row Photo BoothYoung Cousins in the Booth


Back in the good old days we never had cameras on our phones! To grab an instant picture of you and all your friends you had to walk into that Metairie K&B or down at Pontchartrain Beach in New Orleans and squeeze into a photo booth (normally sporting a nasty pale blue curtain). Well our booths may look more stylish but the concept is the same. And, of course, we add some fun photo booth props to make it even more memorable.

Talking point

Want your wedding to have something a little bit different? Well a photo booth from Front Row Photo Booth will have your guests talking for weeks afterwards. “I just wanted to send you a short note to say thank you once again,” says another bride. “Everyone raved about the booth and I will certainly recommend you to anyone in the future.”

Fabulous favors

Why give a traditional box of candy when you could have a fun photo from the day that guests can look back on for years to come? One nice idea is to give them a stand up frame with a note to go to the photo booth later! We can add a copy of their photos to this fantastic keepsake gift.

High-quality prints

Today’s photo booths boast the highest quality pictures and technology and ours is no exception. All Front Row Photo Booths are packed with the latest professional studio equipment. We make sure your prints are of the very highest quality. So much so we are often asked to make our pictures into larger size prints so guests can display them in their homes.

Theme it!

Are you having a theme on your big day? Whether you want a winter wonderland, day at the beach or even just a color we can bring the props to match your theme. We can even customize your prints to match.

Share the love

Not only will your guests receive a copy of the fun photographs on the night, we will also upload all your ‘clean’ pictures to your very own Facebook album! This helps carry on the fun for weeks after the big day as friends and family tag, comment and copy their pictures.

Cool guestbook

This may be the biggest reason of all to book a photo booth for your big day. Though you might not even realize we’re doing this, you will be glad your booth attendant took the time to make sure everyone adds a photo strip to your guest book while leaving a message around the photographs. Time and time again here at Front Row Photo Booth we are told how happy brides and grooms are with this part of our service. It’s a new twist on the traditional guest books and one that you will want to look at again and again.



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Wedding Day Planning Tips Six Wedding Day Planning Tips for a New Orleans Wedding

1) Don't Wait Too Long to Create a Guest List

            Setting a guest list should be at the very top of your to-do list. How many guests you are inviting will set the tone for the size venue you will need, food to prepare and your budget.

2) Keep in Mind The Budget

            Speaking of budget, it’s all too often that couples get overly excited and start setting plans for their wedding before they've set one. Adding to that, it’s important to make sure you state your budget upfront to your vendors and don’t inappropriately spend part of your budget on the wrong things. Allocate for each aspect of your wedding and set the appropriate budget for each one.

3) Prepare for the Weather

            It’s extremely important, especially in a place with precarious weather like New Orleans, to have backup plans for any type of climate changes or sudden storms. They do not have to be drastic variations, but enough to where you, your bridal party and your guests will not be put out. The most important weather to prepare for is for rain during an outdoor ceremony or reception. It’s considered good luck if it rains on your Big Day, but it’s not good luck if you haven’t adequately prepared.

4) Get Everything in Writing

            No one wants to have an entire plan for a wedding to get to the day of and the delivery person has no idea why parts of what you ordered is wrong. When you get contracts and everything in writing, it will avoid the chance of talking to a sales associate who may promise one thing, but then the actual caterer or florist didn’t agree to the plan. Having a contract avoids any issue.

5) Consider Wedding Planner

            We’ve all been there, thinking we can do everything for an event and suddenly becoming overwhelmed. No one wants this to happen on their actual wedding day. If you’re having a giant soiree or even a beautifully planned intimate gathering, having someone help wrangle the details or even just a day-of planner, it will make all the difference to the couple when the Big Day arrives.

6) Don't Be Too DIY Happy

            There are wedding professionals for a reason. It’s great to add your own little touches to your wedding, but when it comes to the Photo Booth or floral arrangements it’s best to stick with the people that have made this their lives. They will know little tricks and tips to achieve the right decorations or the best arrangements and you won’t have to sweat the small stuff. 

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Prom Photo Booth…Entertainment you will remember for a lifetime! Prom Photo Booth…Entertainment you’ll remember for a lifetime!


Your prom is your night to remember, we want to be there to help!

There is a lot to think about when planning a prom in New Orleans: the venue, the music, the food, the clothes, the date and the flowers.  Don’t forget one very important element, the photographs!  A Prom Photo Booth will provide all your attendees with fun memories they can print out and take home with them.

Prom Photo Booths provides entertainment that you’ll be talking about for months to come.  Our booth is an open booth and  you can cram as many of your friends in as you want to try, put on some silly hats or glasses and laugh as the camera starts taking your picture.  When you step out of the booth your photo strips will be there waiting for you.  Then you can go back in and do it all again!

Front Row Photo Booth, the photo booth that is pure entertainment for all who use it.  We don’t compete with any professional photographer you may have hired to do posed or yearbook photos. The photo booth is an entertainment element that can be used in addition to your professional photographer.

Make sure to speak with your prom committee members to get our photo booth booked for your prom, there is still time for 2017 and we’re already getting inquiries for 2018!

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Hired a Photographer, why do I need a Photo Booth? Why do I need a Photo Booth?


So you hired a photographer, why do I need a photo booth? We always get this question. A photographer and a photo booth are not the same! So we wanted to shed some light on why renting a New Orleans photo booth for your event is a MUST HAVE…even if you hired a photographer.


Having a photo booth at your celebration is a major attraction for guests because it’s fun and photographers/videographers have a tendency to focus on the couple and close family and they swiftly move in and out of crowds to get candid shots. The booth creates a fun and exciting atmosphere of laughter that will fill the event. It is something that will keep them entertained and talking about your event for quite sometime. And when they forget, they’ll look back on the photo strip keepsakes to remember it all over again! Photo booths are a 3-in-1 solution for your event needs – Entertainment, Fun Photography, and Memorable Keepsakes!

Ben and Lauren New Orleans Wedding PhotoboothBen and Lauren Wedding 3-25-17Family of the Bride in the Photobooth


From birthday parties to weddings and everything in between, nothing says fun like adding a photo booth to the party! Front Row Photo Booth knows the importance of capturing these once in a lifetime moments that will be treasured forever! So what are you waiting for? Request a quote or contact us today at  to reserve your upcoming event and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest!

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Photo booth props every party needs Photo booth props every party needs

It’s no secret that having a New Orleans Photo Booth at your party takes the fun factor up to 100. How often in our daily lives, do we get to play dress up? Nowhere near enough! There is something magical about putting on a wig, head dress, or foam finger that just lets us escape ourselves and have a ball.

A wedding photo booth, in particular, is one of the best ways to guarantee that your wedding pictures capture not only the beauty of the day, but the energy of it too. Props are integral to the party photo booth experience, and choosing which photo booth props every party needs to use can be almost as much fun as getting your picture taken. HOW TO CHOOSE? 

That’s a tough question. We at Front Row are always happy to compile an assortment of crowd-pleasing props, but if you’re interested in making specific recommendations we are thrilled to customize our photo booth props every party needs to suit your event. To get the ball rolling, here are some of our favorites:

#1 Animal heads

 Who doesn’t dream of being an animal? Whether you want to inhabit the Planet of the Apes, channel the courage of a lion, or embrace your inner swine (Come on, you know you want a second piece of wedding cake.), animal heads are the way to do it. The Front Row staff  has a ton of ‘em, and they make some of the most fun photo booth props around. 


#2 Crowns 

Everyone loves a royal wedding. But not everyone gets to attend a royal wedding—that is, of course, unless they hire Front Row to set up a party booth at their event. We come prepared with everything from tiaras to velvety crowns to pharaoh headdresses, making sure you and your guests get the chance to look the part of royalty. The results never disappoint. There’s just something about wearing a crown that gives people a touch of swagger that make the resulting photos look totally badass. 

Bonus points: Combine a crown or headdress with an animal head to make an important political statement about wealth, power, and the transient nature of all things. Or just because it looks silly. 


#3 Glasses

Silly glasses of all shapes and sizes are a natural go-to for unleashing the freak within. There’s something about glasses that can transform an otherwise normal human—take, for example Superman, into someone totally crazy, like Clark Kent. Wait, we might have gotten that backwards. Who cares, though? The point is that glasses are a fun and simple way to add character to a photo booth photo. The Front Row Photo Booth has a ton of different styles, too. Whether you want to nerd out, Elvis yourself, or look as cool as Bruno Mars, we’ve got the frames to make it happen. 


#4 Weapons

Love is a good thing. Fun is a good thing too. But what if you find yourself at a wedding or a party and something makes you JUST SO ANGRY?! In that case, you should probably calm down and get yourself together—this is a party, tough guy. Pretending to be angry for the sake of a hilarious photo booth photo, though? That is another story, and we highly recommend it.

The Front Row Photo Booth has a ton of seemingly violent props that paradoxically tend to bring people together to create some of the best photo booth photos ever. Using weapons as props often compels people to get creative and make little miniature scenes and stories that are really cool to look back on later on. So ask us about our stock of guns, boxing gloves, swords, and other (fake!) weapons—they’re some of the most creativity-inducing props out there. 


#5 Your organization’s paraphernalia 

The thing about Front Row Photobooth is that we want you to be happy. While we have a ton of children clients and we love them all equally, you’re our favorite. For this reason, we want you to know that we are more than happy to customize our props to fit your event. We’ve done everything from university-themed props to foam fingers that designate bride vs. groom. If you have an idea for a photo booth prop you want to see, talk to us about it. We’re here for you!

The most important thing to keep in mind is fun. Having a party photo booth is a fun thing. Props make it more fun. Yay, props! Yay, fun!


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Brand Photo Experience Brand Photo Experience

We are completely flexible in bringing your company's Brand Experience vision to life!  We don't just do photo booths; we also provide green screens and stationary photography services with instant printing, great for occasions with the Easter Bunny, Santa, or your favorite brand mascot. So if you're a business, retail store, or company looking for an engaging photography experience for your customers, hit us up! All of our rentals come with a professional staff to assist guests and create the best photo experiences in town.

Our photo prints come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.  We can print larger 4"x6" post card prints and 5"x7" prints, as well as our classic 2"x6" photo strips.  Either way, your guests go home with personalized brand collateral for continual, impactful brand exposure. 

Shoot us an e-mail to discuss your company's upcoming event, and let us bring the "Photo Experience" to your crowd:

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Photo Booth Experience vs. a Photographer Photo Booth Experience vs. a Photographer

A true photo booth experience beats a guy with a camera every time. But what is it that makes it a true photo booth experience? There are a few features you must have in order for it to be the real deal. First, instant printing is a must. The immediate gratification of being able to walk away with your photo strips is an essential part of the photo booth experience. Secondly, the on screen preview is the part of the photo taking process that gets the most laughs. After a picture is snapped, a proper photo booth will display the picture, usually to a great response. Lastly, automation. There is a huge difference between the automated experience of a photo booth vs. a photographer holding a camera and telling everyone to "say cheese!" Just like great art is sometimes born from the limitations of a medium, the countdown of the photo booth's timer drives people's creativity. If you're shopping around to rent a photo booth for a party, wedding, corporate event or special occasion, make sure the photo booth experience you're getting is the real deal. 

New Orleans InstaPics Photo Booth at the Ursuline LaFete Gala Ursuline LeFete Gala 2016_51Family Fun in a Photo Booth

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Planning a Sweet 16 Party with a Photo Booth Planning a Sweet 16 party

(including renting a photo booth as entertainment and party favors!)


A party to celebrate a teen girl’s passage to early adulthood is called a Sweet Sixteen Party. Parties vary in style, depth, and budget. Often a formal event, it is held to usher the girl into another stage of maturity in her life.

For many girls, their Sweet 16 is an important milestone in the transition into adulthood, and is second only to her wedding. Planning a Sweet Sixteen birthday party is something that should not be taken lightly, as it is much more than a typical birthday party.


Parents Sweet 16 Party Task List!

At least 2 to 3 months before the sweet 16 party

Planning a Sweet Sixteen party can take a lot of time depending on how detailed and elaborate you want the party to be. A minimum of 2 to 3 months will be needed, but always try to plan earlier. You will find venue and services vendor availability to be much better by planning early!

Decide on a date.

The date doesn’t have to fall exactly on the day of the birthday. It can be after, but usually not before. Make sure you consider the holidays and plan accordingly. You don’t want an empty birthday party due to overlooked key dates.

Select your venue.

Picking the right location for such a big event can be a tough task. You need to consider how many guests are expected along with your budget. Ideally a ballroom, hotel facility, or party hall offer the best space and accommodations, however you can use a local park pavilion or a community center if you are on a tight budget.

Who will be attending?

Some girls will want a small intimate party with just close friends and family while others will want a big, elaborate party. Be sure to plan out in advance the guest list and just how big of a crowd will be at the Sweet 16 party.

You may want to send save the dates cards.

Since the Sweet Sixteen party is months away, it’s a good idea to send a save the date card first so the guests will be reminded to not plan anything on that date. For that extra special touch, some folks have magnet cards printed with a photo of the upcoming Sweet 16 guest of honor.

Order Sweet 16 invitations.

Once you finalize the venue, date, and guest list it’s time to order your sweet sixteen invitations. For a personal touch, some folks purchase “do it yourself” aka DIY kits to print using their home PC and printer.

In the next step of the party planning you’ll be taking care of the important details of the event. You many need some help so don’t hesitate to ask for some. Spouses and siblings should all be involved!

Choose the Sweet 16 Theme.

Pick out a sweet 16 party theme that will make the day unforgettable for the birthday girl as well as the guests. Be sure to take into consideration the guest of honor’s likes and dislikes, favorite colors, etc… She might already have something in mind and with a little creative detective work you should be able to find out.

Arrangements for the Food.

For the more formal parties, you can have the event catered. Check with your venue for catering suggestions. For less formal parties, you could even have a home-cooked buffet or covered dish. If the event is at a restaurant, then be sure to check the menu ahead of time. Don’t forget to order the sweet 16 birthday cake!

Booking Entertainment.

A sweet 16 party is not complete without a night of fun that honors the birthday girl. You may want to plan out a few games to entertain all the guests. Hire a DJ to keep the evening charged with music and dancing. If you are on a limited budget, use a portable sound system to provide music. Often siblings or friends of the Sweet 16 guest of honor can assist with this. This will give everyone a chance to dance and have a good time. There is one additional item of entertainment to consider – we will touch on that in a moment since it combines a few of the needed aspects of entertainment and party favors.

Don’t forget the party favors.

Sweet 16 Photo Booth in New OrleansAlyssa's Sweet 16 PartyPhoto strip from a Sweet 16 Birthday Party in the InstaPics New Orleans Photo Booth

A good party host and hostess will never let the guests go home without a sweet 16 party favor. Party favor options are endless so be sure to match the favors to the style and personality of the birthday girl. One of the best options is something that will leave your guests with lasting memories. We mentioned one item to consider that will combine both entertainment and party favors. You can cover both areas with this one item, something your budget will thank you for! Imagine your guests smiling, laughing, and having fun all night while also receiving wonderful photos of themselves as keepsakes. Ignite the entertainment with the fun of a photo booth rental! Everyone loves a photo booth! The smiles, the screams of crazy laughter, and the really cool photo strip that prints out for every guest in the photo; all of these and more is what a photo booth brings to your sweet 16 party. Affordable entertainment combined with a keepsake folks will proudly display. InstaPics Photo Booth can show you just how easy and affordable this terrific addition to your event can be. Consider it strongly… your guests will love it!


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The Ultimate Prom Checklist The ultimate prom checklist for your committee!

Prom planning is ultimately left to one school club: the prom committee. If you want a say in your prom's theme, location, DJ, Photo Booth and more, then look into joining. Organizing your school's special night might seem intimidating at first, but it's not impossible. Prom planning is much simpler if you break each task down one by one.


Choose a Location

While some schools hold proms in the gymnasium or auditorium, others take the dance to an off-campus location. Have your prom committee look into ballrooms, riverboats, convention centers, hotels and large, fancy restaurants. Also, think big and outside the box. Could your prom be held outdoors or in a dance club during off-hours? Let your creativity inspire you. Prom planning with school leaders by your side means your idea will be heard.


Picking a Prom Theme and Prom Song

If you're stuck for prom theme ideas, order a variety of party decoration catalogs. It will be easier to choose a theme or get inspired to create your own when you have a bunch of options laid out in front of you. Pick a few that you think will appeal to your classmates, then have the entire committee vote on one collective prom motif. As for a prom song, ask the entire class to vote for which song they want. Choose five or six popular songs to put on the ballot, and also give students the option to write in their own idea. Many schools use their prom song to shape their prom theme.


Making invitations 

Although students won't decide whether to attend prom based on how tempting the invitations look, the invitation is a very sentimental element of prom, especially for the departing senior class. The invite should include the location, time and date, and should match your prom theme. When planning your prom invitation, make sure to settle on one that’s not only informative but worth holding on to. Also check out our custom made templates for the photo strips with photos on them.


Choose the DJ or Band

DJ, band, or both? Deciding on the music is an especially important part of prom planning, because tunes truly set the mood for the entire evening. Ask DJs for a client list and references. A DJ specializing in '80s tunes may be the go-to guy for a certain clientele, but those tunes were in heavy rotation before we knew how to spell Bieber. When interviewing bands, ask them what cover songs they play and listen to their demos to see if you like their sound. Overall, you’ll want a DJ or band that plays a variety of Top 40 hits with a nice infusion of dance party classics. Remember that the music will either inspire people to dance or sit on the sidelines.

Topcats Band PerformThe Topcats BandThe Famous New Orleans Area Band Topcats perform at an Event

Why Book a Photo Booth for your Prom

In addition to all the fun, excitement, and unbeatable memories a photo booth generates, there are so many more reasons to rent a photo booth for your prom or graduation party

They really help a lot of people to mix, mingle, and meet others. It’s amazing how turtles come out of their shells and people who tend to be on the shy side, avoiding attention, have a great time acting a little goofy in the booth.

People love to take home souvenirs of themselves. Photo booth pictures are the most amazing prom or graduation party favor. We find that people put them on their fridge or in their office, and they often remain there for years – a lasting connection to the fond memories of a delightful day.


Planning the Prom Menu

Whether you do an entire sit-down dinner, a buffet or simply hors d'oeuvres, prom-goers like to get their money’s worth. So, remember this simple tip when planning your prom menu: Go for a menu that offers widely-adored, familiar foods with as much variety as your budget allows. For example, chicken, pasta and steak are classics, but tofu might be too foreign. Stick with an ice cream sundae or cupcakes for dessert over mango with sticky rice. Unsure if your menu has enough variety? Ask the people on your prom committee. If there’s something on the menu for everyone’s taste buds, chances are there will be something appealing for all the people in your class.


Of course, it’s important you book your InstaPics Photo Booth as soon as possible so you and your friends don’t miss the chance to pose for the camera while dressed in your finest. Senior class advisors, teachers and parents love photo booths because we give schools a big discount. Each of our booths comes with an attendant and, if your prom is large and you want to implement a ticket plan so everyone gets a turn, just let us know. Added bonus: InstaPics prom photos feature your school logo or class year on every picture.


With InstaPics photo booths, students and parents may download unlimited free copies of their photos. That’s right, everyone gets unlimited, free photo downloads of themselves and their friends!  Students may share them on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter with ease. In addition, both students and parents have the option to order large prints and merchandise! Call (504) 957-6729 and schedule your InstaPics photo booth today. We look forward to seeing your smiling faces this spring.


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Graduation Photo Booth Ideas in New Orleans Graduation: The completion of years and years of study and toil. School is no joke—and neither are most school portraits. For the most part, yearbook pictures and senior portraits never convey personality, let alone the sense of pure unadulterated elation that comes when you finally finish your degree.

Whether it’s high school, college, graduate school, trade school, or your kindergartner’s advancement to 1st grade that’s being completed, a party is definitely in order. And there’s no better way to capture the specific moment in time—along with all the pent-up celebratory emotion that’s finally able to burst out of everyone, like a stampede of super-studious wildebeasts—than by having an Insta Pics photo booth at your grad party.

So! If you’re embarking on a graduation party photo booth, which you definitely should, here are some tips to keep in mind as you plan for the big event.


Decorate with School Colors


Using your school’s colors as the party theme colors is a great way to let everyone who comes to the party know: “This is a graduation party from [insert your school here]!” Or in other words, “HOLY MOLY I ACTUALLY GOT MY DEGREE!”

When it comes to the photo booth, go ahead and deck it out in your schools colors as well. Not only will it keep everyone who goes into the booth in a sense of communal achievement, it’ll come in handy years down the line when you’re reminiscing. The photos won’t look like shots from just any fun party—there will be no mistaking the circumstances surrounding this once-in- a-lifetime event, and viewing them will bring you right back to the moment.


Get Personalized Props


Channel your inner cheerleader and go big with the props. Foam fingers, bullhorns, celebration flags—whatever makes you think of your school is something you should request as props for your photo booth.

And to that end, channel your inner cheerleading captain by taking charge! Request specific props you want, and if we don’t have them already, we’ll likely be able to order them for you. (Insta Pics has an addictive relationship with Ebay and Amazon.)


Don’t Be Shy About Going Back for Seconds


Graduation parties, by their nature, have a touch of bittersweet to them. In this way they’re different than most other parties and events. You’re there with people you have grown super close to, and yet they often mark a moment in time right before people go their separate ways—some even moving to faraway places, like New York, LA, or Cocodrie.


A photo booth is both a fun activity to entertain party guests, and a keepsake-producer. So don’t hesitate to go for multiple photos of yourself with different combinations of your pals. 

This might be your last chance for a while!

Aww, sad. We know. But as that song goes, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end, yeahhh.” And new beginnings are just a heck of a lot easier to wade into when you’ve got a little something from the past to keep you company.

Congrats grads!


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Planning a Wedding Photo Booth Planning a New Orleans Wedding Photo Booth

Brides and Grooms, guess what? Wedding Season is upon us!  And if you’re here reading this right now, it likely means you’re planning on having a Front Row wedding photo booth at your wedding—or you’re at least considering it .


So, first things first: Hey, you’re getting married! Congrats! Look at you! You are in love and making it happen! Everyone said it wasn’t possible but looks like it is!!! Tip of the Top Hat to you! And you’re on a roll. Because not only are you getting married to the love of your life, you’ve booked InstaPics, which is the best decision anyone can make. GREAT JOB, YOU!


So now that we’ve got that out of the way, let us move on to practical matters. How can you get the most bang for your buck out of your InstaPics wedding photo booth experience? Well, we’ve got some suggestions:


   Make Sure You Take Photos In The Booth

This one seems like a no-brainer but you have no idea how many wedding guests, hopped up on lovey-dovey vibes (and also alcohol), forget that one of the most fun parts about getting married is looking at the photos later. So before the big day, let everyone you’re inviting know there will be a photo booth at your wedding and if they care about you at all they will use it!



   Make Sure You Take Photos In The Booth



At the risk of repeating ourselves, we're going to repeat awesome as it is to have professional portraits taken at your wedding, remember that the photo booth is for you too! Don’t let your Cousin Nancy and Uncle Earl and College Roommate Betty have all the fun—get in there! Because when the big day is over and you’re looking back on the photos, you’ll want to make sure there are some of you and the love of your life wearing silly hats.


   Share Your Wedding’s Theme With Us


Every wedding is different! One of the best things about Front Row is that we care about you and, because of that, we’re happy to customize our props and colors to match the themes you choose for your wedding.

Get in touch with us before the big day and let us know what you’d like to see in the booth. Feel free to ask us for what you want—you’re likely to get it!


   Location, Location, Location


The Front Row open-air photo booth is not just about the photos. It’s first and foremost a fun activity and social hub. Making sure it’s located in a visible and easily accessible spot (close to the dance floor and the bar, not off in its own corner somewhere) will make your guests more likely to take advantage. Plus—the fact that it’s open air means that if there are some guests who may prefer to sit and watch other people make fools of themselves in the booth, but not partake themselves (Grandma.), locating it centrally makes that possible. In that way the wedding photo booth is fun for both active users and spectators, just like extreme sports.

    Optimize Scheduling


Math time, folks. Here’s the deal: The standard InstaPics wedding photo booth experience gets you 4 hours for $550.00. (We don’t believe in being secretive about our rates.) Beyond that, additional active photo booth time is priced at $100 an hour. However, sometimes you’ll want photos during cocktail hour at the start of the evening and dancing later on—with a break in between for dinner. In that case, consider hiring us for an idle hour or two, at the discounted $50 an hour rate.  As a result  you’re able to get a lot of coverage without spending a small fortune.



    In Summary


You are in love. You are getting married. You are clearly a very intelligent individual, as evidenced by your decision to have the premiere photo booth in the New Orleans Area at your wedding. So now you’ve got the inside scoop on how to make the most of it. The only thing left to do is say ‘Cheese!’


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How to Select the right Wedding Venue A lot can be said about weddings. Besides having children, a wedding is the most important day in a person’s life.  While many will be talking about the newlyweds for some time, there’s something else people will be clamoring about in the days (and possibly months) after the momentous occasion: the venue.


            Much goes into the planning and coordination of a wedding, from how many guests will be in attendance to making sure everything goes without a hitch. It can be very stressful and daunting at first, but a few things need to be kept in mind. One of the first points would be the guests. How many will be in attendance? If you’re expecting a handful of close friends and relatives, there’s little need to have a massive place as empty seats and vacant spaces convey the wrong image. You want your guests to feel close to each other as they all share in your joy on your special day. On the other hand, if the venue is too small, there’d be the possibility of turning away guests as they try and fit in a cramped room. Make sure you account for all possibilities in your location.

How many Guest will you have


            With a guest count in mind, have a look around at event centers and other various places where you can host your venue. Take note in parking, scenery, and accessibility options. If your event is outdoors and the weather calls for rain, can you easily move it indoors? Is the place visually pleasing (both inside and out)? Your guests will be sitting for some time, so lighting and decorations are definitively things you’ll need to consider. Never rush on a location because of price or convenience. You don’t want your guests to feel you opted for a run-down place. Of course, you must keep your budget in mind, but parks, large homes, and rented-out restaurants provide the space and options to entertain guests while not having to spend on special cost-prohibitive services.

Food and Catering         

Wedding Reception Cateringlarge bridal-reception-catering Everyone will be expecting something to tie them over while speeches and dances fill the room as you share your first dance as a married couple.  Catering is an important part as you’ll have to consider the appetites of everyone. Offer a variety of food and drinks while avoiding spicy foods and anything that may be allergic to some guests. Depending on whether it’s a formal or casual wedding, drinks and alcohol should be provided to ease guests, so use discretion on what you offer.

Scenery and Atmosphere


            Lastly, ensure general things like lighting and power are taken into consideration. If the event is indoors, try and give them a spectacular view of the cityscape or beautiful trees and mountains. If that’s not possible, be sure there’s ample lighting and you have decorations to compensate. In addition, be sure there are plenty of power outlets for lighting, as well as any extra things you may need like a DJ, a photo booth for your wedding, or anything else that may need to be set up in different areas of your venue. Accessibility is key.

            Once you have a place in mind, much of the stress involved is typically alleviated. With ample parking, great food and entertainment, decorations, and plenty of friends and family, your event will surely be a success. 

Also have a look at one of our favorite venues –


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Photo Booth for all Event Types Our Booths

Our top priority at InstaPics  Photo Booth  has always been to create a memorable and fun event, with booths that are equipped with professional level photographic equipment and fast, high quality onsite prints.

We have photo booths to fit all your event needs, ranging from casual parties, to corporate branding, to elegant soirees!

Take a look at what we have to offer.



We have various photo booth designs to serve your needs. Whether you have questions or concerns, or are inquiring about different packages available, our staff will gladly help you with all of your needs. We have a full staff available by phone, text, and email.



We provide everything to create the perfect photo booth and template for you. We will walk you through from your first consultation to your eye-catching final product at your event.

We have a selection of photo booths to fit your event's unique look and atmosphere.

We also offer a variety of premade photo booth templates, designer templates, and custom branded templates so your prints will be beautiful keepsakes to treasure by both you and your guests for years to come.




Our Photo Booth services are perfect for any occassion.  Our 5 star rated photo booths have been a part of many Social events, Weddings, Quinceaneras, Birthday Parties, Corporate Branding, Festivals, Concerts, Reunions, Anniversaries, Baptisms, and Communions.


Make your next event UNFORGETTABLE and book a photo booth with us!






The Photo Booth is a party ice-breaker - a fun way to entertain your guests, to let them be funny or goofy, and to provide them with their own photos at your wedding. Your guests will keep a memory of your special day with their own photos at your wedding for years to come!


Bar/Bat Mitzvah's


A Photo Booth at your Mitzvah provides the perfect activity for families and adults. It gets everyone involved in the fun, making for some of the most memorable Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations ever. Your friends and family will be talking about your Mitzvah for months!


Corporate Parties and Trade Shows


From holiday parties and customer appreciation events to trade shows and employee appreciation banquets, photo booths are the perfect way to ensure that your next event is a huge success!


Birthday Parties


There’s not much of a better place to include a photo booth rental than the celebration of a birthday party. By introducing a photo booth to your party, you and your guests will have a great time capturing some of the funniest photos imaginable!


School Parties


Kids and young adults go crazy for the Photo Booth! Whether it's a graduation party or a High School Overnight party, a photo booth could not be a better way to capture school memories with friends!




Laughter, smiles, and socializing are the keys to a successful fundraising event, and a Photo Booth provides all of the above. We offer custom header and footers for your photo strips, perfect for including your company logo, slogan or fun message.


Make your next event UNFORGETTABLE and book a photo booth with us!


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New Orleans Photo Booth for a Holiday Party The holidays are just around the corner and popular dates are booking up fast!

Our InstaPics Holiday Party Package Includes:

- 2-6 hours of photo booth time

- Custom designed logo for the photo strips

- Holiday themed traditional props

- Delivery & setup

- Onsite host

- Online gallery with free downloads

- Unlimited photos AND reprints for guests

- Access to the high res images after the event

Our sequin backdrops for our OPEN booth are very popular for the holidays.

The most popular colors are silver, gold, red, and navy sequin!


Holiday Parties That SPARKLE!

Our InstaPics Photo Booth is always a huge hit at holiday parties but our sparkly sequined backdrops are in very high demand.

We are thrilled to be offering our OPEN Photo Booth by InstaPics with a sparkly sequin backdrop this year for the holiday season. We currently offer this festive backdrop in GOLD, SILVER, RED, & NAVY.

Holiday themed props are included with every holiday party package.

Contact us and we’ll help make your event shine!


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Photo Booth for Party Entertainment PARTY ENTERTAINMENT PHOTO BOOTH

A photo booth is perfect for a graduation party because it offers everyone a chance to get to know each other, and mingle while getting pictures taken. A picture is considered to be one of the most treasured items that a person can have, and by choosing to rent a photo booth for your party, you are choosing a way that allows your guests to create and share their very own photos. It’s a great way to immortalize those memories for the rest of your life. Not every person has the temperament for karaoke or likes to dance, but even your most shy guests shouldn’t have a problem with jumping into a photo booth for a few pictures. They’ll provide a kind of all-purpose, all-ages entertainment that won’t leave anyone standing awkwardly in the corner. Even kids can get in on the fun!


Here’s how a photo booth stirs up fun:



What other entertainment allows your grandma and your former College roommate  to join forces for silly mementos? Where else can you encourage relatives from both sides of the family to share a photo for the first time? Photo booths are a great way to break the ice and have fun.



Photo booths are appropriate for parties of all shapes and sizes. If you’re throwing a big, over the top bash, they’ll be the main draw after the wine start flowing; if you’re just having a small gathering for friends and relatives, they can be a great way to get family photos without the need of a professional photographer. In short, no matter what kind of get-together you’re hosting, photo booths for graduation parties are always a great choice.

New Orleans Photo Booth #theDINAsty2017 photo strip#theDINAsty2017_95Family Cousins gather in the Front Row Photo Booth for their photo Alyssa Cockran Sweet 16 Photo BoothAlyssa Cockran Sweet 16_74School Friends in the New Orleans Photo Booth for their friends Sweet 16 Party Holy Cross Faculty Christmas Party '16HC Faculty Christmas Party '16Holy Cross High School Faculty having fun in the New Orleans Front Row Photo Booth at Bissonet Manned Down Country Club in Metairie Louisiana



Photo booth strips allow you to create keepsakes for generations to come. Sixty years from now, you could be sitting in a rocking chair and showing your grandchildren the good times you had in your youth, but that’s only if you take action and rent a photo booth today!

If you’re looking for a way to bring people together, create new memories and have fun, photo booths at your graduation party are sure to be a hit. From teenage parties to grad school keg parties, they’ll suit every occasion and light up every celebration. Don’t let those memories just slip away. Capture them forever.

From birthday parties to weddings and everything in between, nothing says fun like adding a photo booth to the party! Front Row Photo Booth knows the importance of capturing these once in a lifetime moments that will be treasured forever! Front Row Photo is committed to providing the BEST photo booth experience. So what are you waiting for? Request a quote or contact us today to reserve your upcoming event and be sure to follow us on Facebook for the latest!






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Top 10 Photo Booth Props Here is a list of the top 10 best photo booth props to use for your photo booth:


Top 10 Photo Booth Props

1.Sunglasses -Sunglasses at night, the ultimate photo booth fashion statement (and 80’s song!)

2.Funny Hats – Policeman’s hat, construction helmet, sailors hat, Indian headdress… just to name a few.

3.Boas – release the inner diva in your wedding guests!

4.Mustaches – Everyone wants to sport a cool Groucho Marx style stache so why not let them!

5.Chalkboards – Let your guests get creative and write you funny and touching messages.

6.Random Items – Some of the funniest photos we’ve seen are when guests pick up a random item (or person) from the event and include it in their photo booth photo shoot.

7.Wigs – Punk Rock anyone?

8.Empty Picture Frames – Have your guests act like they are in a portrait.

9.Word Bubbles/Thought Bubbles – The funny things your guests will think and say in the photo booth!

10.Cardboard Cut-outs of the Bride & Groom – This will require a little work but this way everyone will get to have their picture taken with you in the photo booth on your big day.

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