Photo Booth for Social Media Marketing

October 12, 2017  •  1 Comment

Social Media Marketing

Engagement marketing. Social media marketing. Event marketing. In a world where people share virtually every moment of their lives, they’re all vital pieces of the marketing mix, delivering unique ways to physically reach potential customers, create an emotional connection, and provide opportunities for social sharing.

It may surprise you, but these all existed before the internet, smartphones, and social media took over our lives. Brands and marketers interacted with people at New Orleans events, but the impact was mainly limited to those who physically attended. Brands would cross their fingers hoping that their event made a lasting impression. And guests might have received a printed photo to take home and put on their fridge, but simply put there wasn’t much of a way to share and measure the experience beyond word-of-mouth. Not until the astronomical explosion of smartphones and social sharing did experiential marketing reach a completely new level.

Mobile Social Media SharingSocial Media Sharing on Mobile Phone

Today, social sharing is at the heart of nearly everything we do. Even as we sit here typing these words, we know we’ll post this blog and share it on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter, with the hope that readers like you will share with your network. In fact, without you, we’re nothing. We don’t exist as a company or brand. You are no longer passive receivers of marketing messages. You are the creators. Because of this, companies can strengthen their brand in unprecedented ways. Event Magazine reports that “social media amplification alone can provide a 365-day global opportunity for brands beyond their events.”

The new sharing economy has taken control from brands and put it directly in the hands of consumers. Snapchat stories are created. Instagram photos are uploaded. Facebook posts are shared. But brands have zero input and few means to effectively capture leads. The rise of digital photo booths is changing that though. Event marketers and retailers are taking people’s love for selfies and utilizing selfie booths - digital, iPad-based versions of old school photo booths. According to a recent New York Times article,these booths and rooms seem to be the latest way to engage customers and build a brand.” 

Touch to StartGuest setup for the Digital Photo Booth

By using photo booth platforms, brands, agencies, businesses, and retailers are able to create a fun, social, and shareable experience for guests, while controlling the medium and the message. Photos and GIFs can be overlaid with a logo and can even include a unique hashtag when shared. As a result, permanent online galleries are created that bring guests back and strengthen connections with the brand. And when data capture is enabled, users see average opt-in rates of 89%. There’s no other lead capture strategy that even comes close. 

Guests love using New Orleans photo booths to take great pictures and experience something different - not just another selfie. It’s also an experience that people remember and, in the case of businesses and retailers, customers return again and again to take more photos.

While digital photo booths are just beginning to rise in popularity, the next evolution is already here. Augmented reality has embedded itself in the top social networks and virtual reality is on the cusp of exploding. It won’t be long before Snapchat and Instagram face filters make their way into our digital photo booths, providing another unique branding opportunity and fun feature for guests.

Of course, if you’d like for that to happen, then you’ll need to help us get there by sharing this all of your social networks.


This was a really great article on marketing with social media...we own a photo booth business down in the greater Phoenix AZ area, and we try to continue much of what your talking about. We've been fortunate that we shared many of the events we do on our social media outlets and many of the guests and clients have shared what we did and it's helped us a lot. We've just invested in to the digital world and like you say it's becoming more popular and we believe it's the next generation as photo booths continue to evolve over the years...

Really great article and hope to read more as I visit back onto your site.
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