Photo Booth Marketing for Charity Fundraising Events

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4 Benefits of Photo Booth Marketing for Charity Fundraising Events


There’s no denying that the photo booth has become a staple at events for its exceptional entertainment factor. However, there are a range of benefits that come along with it aside from your guests having fun while making silly faces. Photo booth marketing shouldn’t be discounted as a solution when it comes to event promotion. With the level of technology increasing, photo booths can deliver great experiences, both for the attendees and the organizers. In light of this, a photo booth is a great addition to any event, and especially makes a great fit for charity fundraising events.


How a Photo Booth Benefits Charity Fundraiser Events in New Orleans

1. Puts your brand at the forefront

The advantage of opting for a social media photo booth at charity fundraising events is the branding power that comes with it. Most modern photo booths can now be customized to reflect a brand’s look and feel by adding logos to every photo, whether as standalones, or on borders. The kiosk itself can also be wrapped in a custom skin to further amplify a brand, making it a great selling feature when scouting out sponsors for charity events.

Breast Cancer AwarenessBreast Cancer Awareness Photo Booth stripBreast Cancer Awareness Photo Booth in New Orleans at Mardi Gras World for East Jefferson Hospital


2. Generates revenue with sellable ad space

Event hosts can capitalize on the real estate value of the photo booth as well. Social media photo booths can be leveraged to sell ad space to sponsors to have their logo displayed either on photos, the kiosk, or both! This ensures you cover the costs for the photo booth, or even earn more money to go towards your donation or charity.


3. Amps up the social media exposure for your event and event sponsors

One of the biggest reasons sponsors for charity events get involved is the exposure their businesses stand to gain. Photo booth marketing makes this easy as it allows attendees to instantly share their branded photographs on social media.  With photographs being shared to your guests personal social media accounts, your sponsors, whose logos are gracing every photo, benefit from organic exposure and brand awareness. In addition to this, attendees sharing photos to social media also act as brand advocates, a huge plus for those sponsoring charity fundraising events!


To give guests more incentive to post their photos online, consider adding in a social media page automatic upload

Each time guests Tweet, or post a photo to Instagram or Facebook with the event-specific hashtag, their photo will be displayed on your page. This is another great way to encourage participation, leverage user-generated content, and give your charity event a boost on social media. Remember, social media is a great way to reach out to your audience, and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

4. Collects important data on event attendees

One of the prime benefits of photo booth marketing is attaining valuable data on attendees during the event. When sharing photos to social media, attendees are usually required to input their name and email address in a collection form. With this information on hand, staying connected with attendees long after the event is much simpler, and gives you the opportunity to further your relationship with them. This information, of course, is also very valuable to sponsors for charity events—adding more of a reason for them to get involved!


When it comes to charity fundraising events, photo booth marketing is a great solution for attracting, not only attendees, but sponsors as well! While there are many photo booth companies out there, consider booking one which offers you all of the benefits stated above. If you’d like to learn more about what Front Row has to offer, give us a call or text message at (504) 957-6729, or contact us online!



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