The Ultimate Prom Checklist

February 11, 2017

The ultimate prom checklist for your committee!

Prom planning is ultimately left to one school club: the prom committee. If you want a say in your prom's theme, location, DJ, Photo Booth and more, then look into joining. Organizing your school's special night might seem intimidating at first, but it's not impossible. Prom planning is much simpler if you break each task down one by one.


Choose a Location

While some schools hold proms in the gymnasium or auditorium, others take the dance to an off-campus location. Have your prom committee look into ballrooms, riverboats, convention centers, hotels and large, fancy restaurants. Also, think big and outside the box. Could your prom be held outdoors or in a dance club during off-hours? Let your creativity inspire you. Prom planning with school leaders by your side means your idea will be heard.


Picking a Prom Theme and Prom Song

If you're stuck for prom theme ideas, order a variety of party decoration catalogs. It will be easier to choose a theme or get inspired to create your own when you have a bunch of options laid out in front of you. Pick a few that you think will appeal to your classmates, then have the entire committee vote on one collective prom motif. As for a prom song, ask the entire class to vote for which song they want. Choose five or six popular songs to put on the ballot, and also give students the option to write in their own idea. Many schools use their prom song to shape their prom theme.


Making invitations 

Although students won't decide whether to attend prom based on how tempting the invitations look, the invitation is a very sentimental element of prom, especially for the departing senior class. The invite should include the location, time and date, and should match your prom theme. When planning your prom invitation, make sure to settle on one that’s not only informative but worth holding on to. Also check out our custom made templates for the photo strips with photos on them.


Choose the DJ or Band

DJ, band, or both? Deciding on the music is an especially important part of prom planning, because tunes truly set the mood for the entire evening. Ask DJs for a client list and references. A DJ specializing in '80s tunes may be the go-to guy for a certain clientele, but those tunes were in heavy rotation before we knew how to spell Bieber. When interviewing bands, ask them what cover songs they play and listen to their demos to see if you like their sound. Overall, you’ll want a DJ or band that plays a variety of Top 40 hits with a nice infusion of dance party classics. Remember that the music will either inspire people to dance or sit on the sidelines.

Topcats Band PerformThe Topcats BandThe Famous New Orleans Area Band Topcats perform at an Event

Why Book a Photo Booth for your Prom

In addition to all the fun, excitement, and unbeatable memories a photo booth generates, there are so many more reasons to rent a photo booth for your prom or graduation party

They really help a lot of people to mix, mingle, and meet others. It’s amazing how turtles come out of their shells and people who tend to be on the shy side, avoiding attention, have a great time acting a little goofy in the booth.

People love to take home souvenirs of themselves. Photo booth pictures are the most amazing prom or graduation party favor. We find that people put them on their fridge or in their office, and they often remain there for years – a lasting connection to the fond memories of a delightful day.


Planning the Prom Menu

Whether you do an entire sit-down dinner, a buffet or simply hors d'oeuvres, prom-goers like to get their money’s worth. So, remember this simple tip when planning your prom menu: Go for a menu that offers widely-adored, familiar foods with as much variety as your budget allows. For example, chicken, pasta and steak are classics, but tofu might be too foreign. Stick with an ice cream sundae or cupcakes for dessert over mango with sticky rice. Unsure if your menu has enough variety? Ask the people on your prom committee. If there’s something on the menu for everyone’s taste buds, chances are there will be something appealing for all the people in your class.


Of course, it’s important you book your InstaPics Photo Booth as soon as possible so you and your friends don’t miss the chance to pose for the camera while dressed in your finest. Senior class advisors, teachers and parents love photo booths because we give schools a big discount. Each of our booths comes with an attendant and, if your prom is large and you want to implement a ticket plan so everyone gets a turn, just let us know. Added bonus: InstaPics prom photos feature your school logo or class year on every picture.


With InstaPics photo booths, students and parents may download unlimited free copies of their photos. That’s right, everyone gets unlimited, free photo downloads of themselves and their friends!  Students may share them on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter with ease. In addition, both students and parents have the option to order large prints and merchandise! Call (504) 957-6729 and schedule your InstaPics photo booth today. We look forward to seeing your smiling faces this spring.


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