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Wedding Day Planning Tips

April 13, 2017

Six Wedding Day Planning Tips for a New Orleans Wedding

1) Don't Wait Too Long to Create a Guest List

            Setting a guest list should be at the very top of your to-do list. How many guests you are inviting will set the tone for the size venue you will need, food to prepare and your budget.

2) Keep in Mind The Budget

            Speaking of budget, it’s all too often that couples get overly excited and start setting plans for their wedding before they've set one. Adding to that, it’s important to make sure you state your budget upfront to your vendors and don’t inappropriately spend part of your budget on the wrong things. Allocate for each aspect of your wedding and set the appropriate budget for each one.

3) Prepare for the Weather

            It’s extremely important, especially in a place with precarious weather like New Orleans, to have backup plans for any type of climate changes or sudden storms. They do not have to be drastic variations, but enough to where you, your bridal party and your guests will not be put out. The most important weather to prepare for is for rain during an outdoor ceremony or reception. It’s considered good luck if it rains on your Big Day, but it’s not good luck if you haven’t adequately prepared.

4) Get Everything in Writing

            No one wants to have an entire plan for a wedding to get to the day of and the delivery person has no idea why parts of what you ordered is wrong. When you get contracts and everything in writing, it will avoid the chance of talking to a sales associate who may promise one thing, but then the actual caterer or florist didn’t agree to the plan. Having a contract avoids any issue.

5) Consider Wedding Planner

            We’ve all been there, thinking we can do everything for an event and suddenly becoming overwhelmed. No one wants this to happen on their actual wedding day. If you’re having a giant soiree or even a beautifully planned intimate gathering, having someone help wrangle the details or even just a day-of planner, it will make all the difference to the couple when the Big Day arrives.

6) Don't Be Too DIY Happy

            There are wedding professionals for a reason. It’s great to add your own little touches to your wedding, but when it comes to the Photo Booth or floral arrangements it’s best to stick with the people that have made this their lives. They will know little tricks and tips to achieve the right decorations or the best arrangements and you won’t have to sweat the small stuff.