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School Dance Photo Booth

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Senior Prom and School Dance Photo Booth


A collection of the passions of youth, awkward memories, nostalgia, randomly placed disco balls, weirdly themed pictures, and at least some form of dancing. It doesn't take a historian to know the basics of how the most iconic night of American youth has changed over the decades, and love it or hate it, it remains a milestone in many a teen's coming of age. Now, we could take a 'if it ain't broke – don't fix it' approach to this timeless tradition, but honestly, what can be done TODAY to make prom even more fun and memorable?


Unfortunately, most schools don't have an answer for todays teens when a loud, peer pressure filled, club like atmosphere doesn't appeal. And these schools pay for it with lack of attendance. What about the introvert who would prefer lurking around the punch table over asking a girl to dance? Or those who would simply prefer not to dance? I present to you, for your party planning pleasure, the New Orleans Photo Booth rental. 


An Open Air Photo Booth


New Orleans Photo Booth rental for a High School Senior Ring DanceHoly Cross Senior Ring Dance Photo stripHoly Cross Seniors and their dates enjoy the New Orleans Photo Booth for their Ring Dance at the New Orleans Lakefront Airport


As a growing trend at proms, open photo booths are a smart party investment. Teens love taking group photos, lots of photos, and silly photos. Unfortunately, those aren't options with the typical prom photographer, though I would recommend you continue to get the professional, themed, and beautifully awkward prom photos to frame and keep for all time. Open photo booths, however, do offer the group dynamic, the silliness, the props, and the spontaneity teens love.

With easy to use touch screens that allow you to preview what you look like in LIVE VIEW, photo booths are a dream come true for the selfie generation. When you throw in some hilarious props (DARTH VADER anyone?), the students' creativity, and unlimited sessions for everyone, you've got a recipe for prom success and a ton of great pictures to remember your day by.


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