Questions to ask when renting from a Photo Booth rental Company

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What To Ask When Renting From A Photo Booth Rental Company



 It is important to ask as many questions as you can when you are considering working with a photo booth rental company in New Orleans. We understand that there are other companies out there other than Front Row Photo Booth and you need to do your research! But before you jump in with just any photo booth rental company, be sure to ask these five important questions!


What kind of quality will my photos be?

We recently learned that there are photo booth rental companies that are using web cams to take your photos. Yes, web cams. We have been using Canon Professional DSLRs and we continually upgrade them to ensure the best quality photos are taken at every event. So before you decide to go with a “less expensive” company, make sure they aren’t slacking in the quality department! Also ask if they can customize the photos to match your theme and colors including any graphics or logos you may want included on the photos.

New Orleans Photo Booth imageNew Orleans Photo Booth Image


Will the backdrop be a plain black background?

This is an important question to ask because maybe you want to add some color to your photos, or you are worried that your guests will blend in with the background. See what options you have, because the backdrop will be in every photo! And in case you were wondering, we offer many different colors and styles at Front Row Photo Booth. You can even ask us about our custom backdrops including solid colors, color sequins, rosettes, or green screen which gives you endless creativity with your backdrops!


Do you offer props? Can I bring my own?

 If a photo booth company says that they don’t offer photo booth props, that might be a red flag. Some rental companies don’t, but that is because they mostly work with corporate events and so it isn’t needed. But if your event is social, such as a wedding, graduation party, or a reunion, chances are you want to incorporate props into your package. Front Row Photo Booth offers props in almost all of our packages—and you can add it on to all of them. We say, “Sure! The more the merrier!” if you ask to bring your own props. We’ll keep it organized on the table for you and separate it at the end of the event so that you can take yours home with you.


Do you offer Social Media Marketing and Sharing?

With todays technology and popularity of Social Media, many of your guests will want to share their time at your event on their own social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snap Chat. We can link our booth to your sites or ours for sharing. 

Social Media SharingSocial Media Sharing

Do you have any references?

 This is really important! You want to make sure that, if you’re spending top-notch money, you are renting from an experienced, quality photo booth rental company. You also want to make sure that the majority of reviewers sing high praises to the company and were satisfied with their services. Of course, every company is going to have those few negative reviews, but if those overtake the positive, than there’s trouble. We at Front Row Photo Booth get a lot of business from word of mouth and we take pride in many of the reviews we have received. You are welcome to check them out over at Google, The Knot, Wedding Wire, Borrowed and Blue, and Facebook


Now that you know what questions to ask, go ahead and contact us or send us an email! We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have!


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