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Canal Barge held their Vessel Officers Workshop Awards Banquet at the Drury Inn in New Orleans Central Business District with the New Orleans Photobooth by Front Row.
Canal Barge 3-19-18_02Canal Barge 3-19-18_05Canal Barge 3-19-18_01Canal Barge 3-19-18_04Canal Barge 3-19-18_06Canal Barge 3-19-18_07Canal Barge 3-19-18_08Canal Barge 3-19-18_09Canal Barge 3-19-18_10Canal Barge 3-19-18_11Canal Barge 3-19-18_12Canal Barge 3-19-18_13Canal Barge 3-19-18_14Canal Barge 3-19-18_15Canal Barge 3-19-18_16Canal Barge 3-19-18_17Canal Barge 3-19-18_18Canal Barge 3-19-18_19Canal Barge 3-19-18_20Canal Barge 3-19-18_21