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Hannah Celebrated her Sweet 16 birthday in our New Orleans photo booth rental at the Abundant Life church in Harvey Louisiana with her friends and family.
Hannahs Sweet 16Hannahs Sweet 16_01Hannahs Sweet 16_02Hannahs Sweet 16_02Hannahs Sweet 16_03Hannahs Sweet 16_03Hannahs Sweet 16_04Hannahs Sweet 16_04Hannahs Sweet 16_05Hannahs Sweet 16_05Hannahs Sweet 16_06Hannahs Sweet 16_06Hannahs Sweet 16_07Hannahs Sweet 16_07Hannahs Sweet 16_08Hannahs Sweet 16_08Hannahs Sweet 16_09Hannahs Sweet 16_09Hannahs Sweet 16_10Hannahs Sweet 16_10